Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hai Bob!

So like I said, last Friday was my last day at work. Say bye bye to my attachment life.
Say hello holidays :)

Went to Bei Zhan for farewell lunch for me and David while welcoming lunch for Melanie and Jason to the firm.

I'm gonna miss everyone in Damian S.L Yeo

Bon Voyage all.


I spend the whole day staying at home on Saturday.
I just miss my room so much.

However when it reached Sunday, I felt bored already. Oh my god. I felt like killing myself.
But at the same time, I was too lazy to go out. Just because I'm broke and I need to save money for my upcoming trips.

Followed my parents out for dinner since I was too bored at home.
I planned to stay at home eating maggie mee only but then since I'm not the one paying for the food, I just tag along. wahkakakaka :P

:) non-halal animal cooked with white pepper soup. Gosh I miss it so much. Super pedas until can die.

swine's ears :P
okay i know a bit disgusting.
but damn sedap o_____o
I ate one only though. lol.

Okay the picture looks geli ._______________.

Please faster scroll down!!!!!

I went to get a haircut on Monday :)
I miss my long hair but at the same time, I feel like cutting my hair.
So now I have a shorter length hair.

Only back shot. No front shot coz looks like donkey T__________________________T


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