Monday, May 9, 2011

DAMN! I'm so sick of love song :P

It's Monday Monday. 4 days more before it gets on Friday~
2 weeks more to go and I'm done :D
Can't wait for my holidays!
Where should I go for my holidays?
OMGOMGOMG I'm so orgasmic-ted!

Hong Kong?
New Zealand?

Nah! Klebang .______________________.
ok life sucks.

Last Saturday Lynette came back Melaka and trust me I have not seen her for ages. I think we have not hang out for like 3 months already.

So finally we reunite :)
A small gathering of four.
She and her boy and me all alone. Owh yeah not to forget there's hawe too.
We met in Movida about 4pm for lunch.

My nasi goreng kampung

 Hawe's vietnam style rice

The couple's cheese pan pizza.

._____________________. cinapek 

Stupid kwang hawe! Trying to put my chicken wing into my handbag when I was in the toilet. GRRRR!!!!!

You looked better this way :)

After luncheon with them. Went for FAST AND FURIOUS 5 with Mark and Amirul at 5.10pm.
Amirul came down to Melaka that day as well :)
Reunion kao kao.

The movie was super awesome that I couldn't even find the most perfect word to describe it.
Hot chicks, sizzling looking guys, freaking orgasmic cars and also loaded cash all over and a little sprinkled of love here and there. haha PERFECTO!

Some sexy punching between Vin diesel and also THE ROCK. WOW! What a scene. And the chickas ASS all over the screen. *just can't get enough of that*

I should stop sounding like a pervertic psychotic homosapien bisexual bimbo right now. Doesn't even make sense. But oh well.

Okay continue.

The movie is a must watch or else your life is incomplete.

After movie, Amirul went back to Ixora to send his friend home. So I went back home to shower and later we met up in Sunset Bistro around 10.40pm.

Had our dinner in McD after the movie.

Sunset Bistro was super packed .__________.

Went back home around 11pm+ cause I was so sleepy and exhausted.

Overall I had a great fun with you all.
It's been quite sometime since we all last hang out.
Don't worry. The time will come in roughly 3 to 4 weeks more ;)


Yesterday was Mother's Day and we went to daddy's favorite place for dinner.
We had 7 types of dishes and we waited for more than an hour before we can start feasting.
There were 3 tables of Happy-go-lucky-aunties whom I believed were celebrating Mother's Day for themselves. They even danced cha-cha at the stage and karaoke-ing the whole night.

Since it was Mother's Day I forgive all of you AUNTIES for the sound pollution. Dah la the voice like dunno what -_______-

Instead of enclosing my post with a picture of my mum and I, I shall just post my personal picture :P
I love you mummy.

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