Sunday, May 29, 2011

Double Two

So the last Wednesday was my Birthday.
I'm getting older now :(
But still cute. So never mind :D

Lyn brought me to Curve and Pyramid for some shopping but ended up I did not bought anything T____T
How is that possible?
I have no idea myself.
Maybe because I'm just broke like that.
Okay the truth is I'm saving money for my trip to Singapore tomorrow :)
Gonna be there for a week.
Wiipppeee and that means broke until die since the currency is madly high.

a lovely picture of ourselves for the opening ceremony.

Okay I don't think my front hair looks any different from my previous one.
But I swear, my back hair was really short. But still not as short as lyn's hair. lol
I got no balls to cut that short.

We departed around 9am and we reached Curve around 11am.
The shops were mostly closed or half opened -___________-
So we walked randomly and then we stopped by Sakae Sushi since I was pretty hungry.
However the restaurant was still half opened.

This is not even half opened. Quarter opened only. LOL!

The notice wrote that business hour is at 11.30am and we sat there at 11.10am.
While waiting, me and my powerful mouth, I told Lyn "eh don't later we sit here until 11.25am and then we bla already"

So she laughed and never expected that to happen.
So we sat and waited again. At the meantime we were camwhoring and talking.

While talking, suddenly Lyn came up with a topic about food. She asked me whether I tried Face to Face before and I said no. Then I said JOM. hahahaha. Ngam ngam it was 11.25am wei O___O

Then both of us laughed and left the place just like that.

Thank God nobody was there. Dah la take photo of the Sakae Sushi as if going to eat there. Suddenly just bla like that. hahahahaha wtf

Embarrassing moment. But syok.

So we went to Face to Face.
Sorry har, this is a non halal restaurant. 

OMG seriously damn nice okay. I had the dry mee while Lyn had the soupy one. Oh god. The taste was good and importantly it was cheaper a lot than Sakae. HAHAHA! That's the main point :P

After that, we went for Snowflake :D

They used this beep beep thingy. Once it vibrates with lights all over, that means you have to go to the counter to get your snowflake. Self service system.

Very nice :)

Thanks Lyn for the treat <3

Then we drove off to Pyramid.

Met up with Nicole there and a friend of hers, Joshua.

Nicole and Lyn looking at the Directory

Joshua (left) and Cash (right)

They wanted to try the new bubble milk tea from Chatime. The que was very long okay.

We bumped into Aliah in Pyramid :)
The world is so small after all.

Around 7pm, finally Stanley arrived in Pyramid just to meet me. Supposed to be 3pm+
Aiyo his timing memang gone case wei.

He kept calling and said erm 4pm+
then he called again and he said he promised this time will be 5pm+
But ended up -_____________-

We went to Starbucks for a drink. He treated me there :)
Thank you Stanley Ting.

Overall I had a great time there. Simple celebration with great people around :)

Thanks Lynette for spending your time to bring me there. Thanks Nicole for willing to come and meet me up in Pyramid despite the fact that you don't have any transport, and terpaksa force Joshua come. LOL.
And Thanks Stanley for willingly to see me though your timing memang OUT!

Thanks also to everyone who wishes me in facebook and those that sent me birthday wishes by sms and calls. Thanks a lot :)

Love you all.

I know I'm old already.

And most importantly thanks Mark for the present :D

As for now, I gotta go. Will blog again once I'm back later.
Got lotsa stuffs to blog about.

Till then. Toodles

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g_pentium said...

kewl post,keep it up!

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