Monday, July 27, 2015

Take me down to your paradise

The babe came down Melaka a month ago for a case and decided to have lunch with us.

We had a great talk about work, life and stuffs. Not to forget about daily hot gossips in town!
We had our lunch at Paddles & Beans. 
Missing those good ol' days.

On the other hand, I would like to congratulate another friend of mine who has just recently joined the 'misery marriage group'.

Wedding dinner menu

Compulsory selfies

Selfie with the popular Leong Shen owner of blog.
He is also a popular youtuber under shenlimtv channel.


 And a group photo with my secondary school friends.

Had a second gathering with another group of friends (Ipoh kaki) after the wedding dinner.
Drink. Drank. Drunk.

The guys came Melaka for a short holiday.

We brought them around Melaka for makan-makan sampai perut meletup the following day.

 Lunch at Baba Low

After 2 hours.... 

Makan again..... 

Chicken Rice for tea time

 Next round!
Nadeje layer crepe for dessert.

Okay price increase already. Bloody hell -____-

Taking a break from eating. 

Lastly, had a feast at Seafarer for dinner.

The guests were in major trauma due to the non stop eating plan.
I swear to God I gained at least 2kg on that day! 

Talking about food, lately I am having this super random cravings for food.
I'll be craving for dim sum at first and the next minute I am craving for frog porridge and then in the next minute I am craving for yu tiao!

What the hell is going on with me.
This is just like a pregnant lady symptom!

I blame the bestie for putting me in such a condition.

So here it goes. My random cravings which was partially satisfied.

Had all the above in a day.
Mana tak gemuk sial. 

 After that we went for lala since Sher Lyn was craving for this badly.
The two of us with our non stop cravings.....

Food fiesta at Jonker Street to fulfill yet another of our stupid cravings. 

 Yumcha with the jokers gang.

Sorry Mei Liang for the misfortune caused that night T________T
I feel so guilty up till today.


Character Masks are so in-trend now.
I wanted to get The Face Shop character masks but unfortunately none was found back then (now they already have it while I blog this post).

Instead, I found similar ones from SNP. Although the one from The Face Shop are much more cute. Beggars can't be choosers right. I am fine with this anyway.

Got myself the Panda mask because I feel it is the cutest. 

 Panda gone wild! Shameless selfies ;)


 Dim Sum for lunch at the newly open high class food court in The Shore.

Claypot chicken rice. 

 8 plates of dimsum for RM50.

 When East meet West.

Ninja Joe burgers

Dinner at Daorae with the girls.
Overload until my tummy wanna burst.

Free sweets.


Chicken burger from The Baboon House.

The waitress told me that no photos are allowed T_______T *heartbrokenintopieces*
Therefore I took only a few pictures inside.
Oh well... Can't do review on it.
However, the interior is superb classic.
Unfortunately it's a non-halal restaurant.
Their specialties involved the word called PORK.

My date for that day. GFFF!!!!!

Vain. Us.

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