Saturday, July 11, 2015

When tomorrow comes.


Taiwan Sausages are ze best!

The so called pan fried ice cream which was quite popular back then in Thailand has finally land down in Melaka.

You don't need to travel miles away for this now. You can find it at Jonker Street, Melaka every Friday-Sunday (their stall is right behind the main stage).

Here's a video of the ice cream making process.

Just for the sake of taking photo. The ice cream taste just like any other ordinary yogurt ice cream. The price is about RM8-9 per cup if I'm not mistaken.
(This is a super long overdue post)


@ Paddles & Beans with my sweetheart.

Krispy Kreme

Yours truly with a bloody pimple on the forehead.

HAHA! Ohmaigawddd Steven and I looked freaking chubby in this picture.
Blame the camera angle!

Celebrating my 16th Birthday at Simply Fish.

Birthday Treat.

Simple Birthday Dinner at home.

And the compulsory Birthday Cake from Yeast Pastry House.

Additional collection. 
Thank you.

With Miss Cili Padi Hot.


Celebrating a farewell party at Hatten Hotel.

When it comes to food and people.
I guess I prefer to take food pictures?
Even the kakak complained to me that all the pictures taken are mainly food.

I'm actually on a 'diet mission' *coughs* but that particular day was an exception.

My first serving.
The white tuna is just simply amazing.

Second serving.
(I makan super sopan santun ok)

Third Serving.
Grab more of those delicious white tuna *greedygirl*

And some desserts.

Specially prepared by me.
Sedap oh!


Lastly, I had Vanilla and Green Tea ice cream for closing ceremony.

There goes my one month diet. IN VAIN.

Group portrait.


Acting like a tourist has always been one of my favorite game / activity.
This time around, I'm playing it with Jasyu.

Touring around Jonker can be really fun despite the fact that I'm a local.

We headed to Kayakaya Cafe for lunch since Jasyu has never been there before.
One thing I like about this cafe is of course the LIGHTING!
They have the orange colored lights where it makes your photos selfie looks extra prettier!


Of course the food is delicious as well. I've been blogging about this for a couple of times. Free publicity some more. Hopefully I'll get a sponsored food if you (kayakaya Cafe Boss) were to come across to this tiny little blog of mine.

Black and Red.


Next was to locate MODS Cafe.

This cafe has a cute retro volkswagen van which makes it quite unique compared to other cafes.

Ice Latte @ RM 12

Vespa spotted!


With the babe.

Celebrating Fathers Day.

Fathers Day cake for everyone.


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