Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Make Up Tips For Brown Eye Girls

Proud to be Asian

Asian girls are gifted with a pair of beautiful brown colored eyes. Although sometimes I do wish I could have a pair of blue or green eyes because they look more chio.

Oh well, that is human nature.We tend to hope for something that we do not possess and we often neglected ourselves from appreciating what we already have.

Do not be upset if you're born with a brown colored eyes because there is always a good side in everything. The reason why asian ladies with brown colored eyes are lucky because they can play with various colors of makeup shades / eyeshadows. Brown is a neutral color which allows you to apply any eyeshadow make up collection of various colors on your lids without looking WEIRD!

See I told you! Super smexy

There's a strong valid reason for brown colored eyes to purchase the complete set of eyeshadow palette!
You can play make-over with your girl friends! How fun could that be?

To die for!

Other than that, brown colored eyes can benefit of pulling black or brown eyeliner with ease. For a dramatic intense effect, apply the black eyeliner and it can focus to others the beauty of your eyes.

Credits to Pinterest

I love how the Koreans do their eye make ups.

Meanwhile, ladies can always appear natural with a slight tint of brown eyeliner as well. Eyeliners are perfect for women who want to make their eyes look round and sexy any time of the day.

Another best make up tips to highlight your brown eyes is by mixing the light and dark colors. For example, try applying darker shade on your eyelids and a light tone make your eyes appear more enhanced.

Do make sure that you blend them well in order to avoid a makeup mishap. You would not want to look like a panda at the end of the day right?

Hopefully this tips are useful to some of you girls out there.

I ain't no make up guru but I hope you'll find at least a little bit extra information in this post.

xoxo Ruby

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