Saturday, November 3, 2012


Last week was very happening.
We had 3 Birthday girls in the firm. Which means, we had 3 different cakes in row.
Somehow I only managed to capture one of it only :)

Happy Birthday to all the October sexy ladies in my firm.

Besides that, we also had a day off due to Raya Haji.
That 3 days of break were really useful to me. Spent the entire weekend relaxing at home while watching my favorite anime - Fairy Tail.

Blissful. nuff said.

Had some korean food in Breeks to complete my amazing week.

 Spacing out.

 Yumcha after dinner.


On Raya Haji day itself, we were slacking in town and thank God the road was quite empty.
It made my journey went smoothly. Grateful!

Had some fruity fruit juices to pump our energy in SOYAH!

And I spotted fblock in town.
Yo yo yo! fblock is in the block yo!
They were having an opening ceremony sales whereby you can grab certain selected items for only RM1.
How cool is that?
Unfortunately I spotted it too late. Hence all the good stuffs were sold out. Booo :(

I love their bag.

Somehow I managed to get myself these belts for RM1 each.
It's way better than nothing. heh

 OOTD: Long sleeves with owl print, Teal colored jeans and black pumps.

Had our dinner in a newly open restaurant located in Kota Laksamana - KENSINGTON

 The ambiance is quite nice. Love their wooden wall for a design.

 Can't remember the exact name of this food, but it taste so damn good!!

 Dory Cajun

The food here taste quite good. The price is also affordable (standard price). The portion is not bad. The environment is also good. The only thing that I hate about this area is that, the parking lots in Kota Laksamana is useless. So bloody cramp. You might face some difficulties to reverse your car. I wonder who the hell constructed it that way.

There are a number of new restaurants opening in that area. It's a newly developing place.
I'll explore it soon and blog about it.

Till then.


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