Tuesday, November 20, 2012

New hangout places in Melaka

1. Okay this is not something new. Lunch in AEON Jusco.

2. Dessert in Moo Moo which is located near Gajah Berang. Do you know the Popular in that area? If you do, then this Moo Moo Yogurt is just around that area. One row with RED ANTS boutique.

3. Now we have another Burger King franchise in Dataran (just beside Starbucks).
The surroundings are quite nice except the fact that there's a lot of FLIES!
Ewww damn annoying and unhygienic.

4. Some performances just for Deepavali.
By the way, MPH is having a book festival up to this coming Sunday (25th November 2012) where you can get a discounted price on selected items from 20% up to 70%

5. Gong Cha is now open in Mahkota Parade!
Weeeee~ It's located opposite of MPH Bookstore/beside the main stage/next to J.ROSSETTE.
Gong Cha is way nicer than Chatime (my personal opinion).
Gonna make this place as my new favorite Bubble Milk Tea spot.

Milk Green Tea *slurps*
black maxi skirt with brown top and black gladiators sandal. 

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