Saturday, October 27, 2012

The long awaited Convocation of mine.

After struggling for 5 years (one year Foundation + four years of Degree) finally I've graduated.
I've made many new friends within those five years and I am proud to be part of MMU although sometimes the management there sucks to the max, undeniably true. Putting that aside, of course our lecturers are great. But most importantly was that, I had the most wonderful/great time in University throughout my entire 16 years of studying (6 years in primary school, 5 years in secondary school and 5 years in University). As for my Primary and Secondary life was ughh.... boring.

Somehow, I miss my Uni life. I know I've been saying about this a numerous time in my blog. BUT!!! I am still going to talk about it again today!
I miss my University life especially when you can skip class anytime you want, or went for yumcha anytime you want. Went for a short vacation as long as you got money (without worrying what excuses to tell your Boss in order to take a leave). Once you're working, you have to be more responsible and you'll have more commitments such as paying your car, petrol, food, entertainment and etc. It wouldn't be a problem if you can earn 5 digits a month. Imagine if you earn not even 4 digits a month. That's when you would realized that your life is just as good as being fucked up. #truestory

The most common question I'll get from people was 'Why Law'?
My answer would be 'Thanks to HongKong dramas'
Because of that, my life is partially ruined.

The life as a lawyer is not as cool as it seems in the movie.
Totally the opposite. lol.

So now, here I am doing my 9 months period of chambering. Can't wait to end it as soon as possible and take a super long holiday break to appease me mentally and physically. hahahaha :P

Let me begin with my pre-convocation activities.

Two days before my graduation day, my family and I headed up to KL for a short holiday trip.
We stayed over at my uncle's place. Thanks a lot for your hospitality :)
We eat, ate, eaten like there's no tomorrow. Mana tak gemuk .__.

The very next day, the 3 of us (My brother, cousin and I) went to Pavillion for some window shopping. I don't intend to shop because I've repented. SAY NO TO SHOPPING LUST!
Support Eating lust instead. Long live fatness!!! :D

There's a new snack shop located at Tokyo Street called JUMBO WAGASHI.

 The silly cousin with my brother.

 The tired looking me.

 The drink is so Jumbo indeed.

 And we had Snowflake at night :D

On the actual day itself - 8th October 2012
Nothing much to blog about except to flood my blog with photos.
So have fun looking at the pictures instead :)

Ohh.. and all I can say was that, the place was super packed like sardines.
I was having tough time searching for my parents after the ceremony ended.
Plus everybody is calling (phone) everybody. Hence the line connection couldn't get through.

With le Brother

 With the boyfie :)

 From Left: Yusri, Me, Ying-Le, Danny, Mark

Mark, Me, Danial, KC, Haasyieff, Yusri

 Us throwing our mortarboard

 Me, Ying-Le, Amirul. Danial. Haasyieff, Mark, KC, David and Josephine.

 Jason Wee the Legend (in the middle)

 With Wern

With the boyfie's family

 With lecturers and friends

 With Madam Flora, Miss Kuek and Mr Tay.

 Shot of the champagne balloon before it flew away.

 Bye bye~

 With Amirul

 Amirul, Fikry, Mark and I

 With Chng and Gan

And of course here's my family portrait taken at the Studio :)

 Solo shot

 With brother

 With mummy :D

 And with my over-controlling daddy. lol

 With my beloved family *hearts*

And here's some of my syok sendiri photo to end the post :)

 Graduation flower with a mini teddy in it *hearts*

Graduation Teddy

 SS like a boss

 Love this picture coz I look extra ladylike and pretty. Gosh! *melts*
 hahahahahaha (narcissist level 100000)

The Bf's teddy hehehe. Cute max!

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