Saturday, October 6, 2012

Melaka Bar Annual Dinner 2012

The long awaited day for chambees and young lawyers has finally come to an end.
Ever since my first day of work, we were asked to perform for the annual dinner.

The process of it was tiring but at the same time, it was FUN too.
I enjoyed myself very much since my group were told to perform the so called popular song by PSY - Gangnam Style.

We did some modifications to the dance moves. The outcome wasn't that bad la (I think) *chuckles*
At least we had fun and this is a story that I would be proud of telling to my children and grandchildren in the future.
"You know that retarded horse dance move? I dance that before" Yeeeehhhaaaa~~

The flyers

We had our one last training in the afternoon, on the same date of the event itself.

Team 1

Team 2

Unfortunately there's no picture of my team - Team 3.

They even have all the pretty masquerades for props.
Apa lagi? Make full use of it to camwhore!

Once we were done with the rehearsal, Jessie and I headed to Dataran for some light snack and some last minute shopping.

After that, we headed back to her home to take our shower and off to Starbizz for our makeup.
That day was super jam mad packed like hell okay!
Just look at the pictures below. The number of girls waiting to be entertained and transformed into a beautiful swan.

Roughly about more than 30 females waiting for their turn. It took me more than an hour just for them to serve me. Oh well. It pays to be pretty after all.


We managed to arrive just on time!
And let the party begins baby!

Our Chair lady giving the opening speech.

The only food I managed to take a picture.

The performance by the professionals.

Us performers only managed to eat one dish as we were rushing for our performances.
Went to change our outfits and then it's camwhoring time bebeh!!

Most of us wore black.
Black is beauty they said.
Once you go black, you'll never go back.

With Cindrell

Cindrell, Jessie and Siaw Ching

Mark, Fikry and Steven
Oppa Gangnam Style 

Elvis Group

Copa's Group
I feel so cool here. lol
Like a rock star. *ehem*

All of us did our best for the performance.
Although it's not perfect but at least we tried hard.
That's all I got to say. And I believe most of us enjoyed the process of the training.

Once we were done with our performances, we went to change our outfits back.
So here's some shots of us in our elegant dresses. Rawrr!!! *winks*

Let me present you the HOT BABES!!!
Please don't drool.


Picture with the ex Timbalan Pendaftar

Jessie, Shoba, Miss Arasy and I

I love this picture la. Just because I was surrounded with macho guys. LOLOLOLOL!!!

Gangnam style.

David with Mr Damian a.k.a Baba Yeo and his cute son.

Group photo with my Master :D

Two Flower Boys. Just look at their complexion. So smooth -___-
Girls pun kalah. lol.

Steven and Benjamin

We had an after party in McD as most of us were quite hungry actually.
Sibuk performing and camwhoring until got no time to eat.

I'm looking forward for next year's annual dinner.
This time, I'll be the audience :D
Can't wait for the 'juniors' to perform.

Ps: Everyone looks wonderful and terrific that night. Gorgeous and smexy.


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