Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Groupon.my - (Bistro Year 1673)

So have you heard of this new and easy website called Groupon where you can purchase various number of products, be it food, entertainment, holiday packages, gadgets, hotels, and even services at a very good price.

You'll get at least minimum 30% worth of discounts and it may go up to 70% or even higher!
Can you see how good this thing is?

Well of course the very first thing that you'll have in mind is "Is this thing reliable?" or "What if this is just another scam".
Fret not! I have tested it myself and it is not a scam.

Previously I had that in mind in the very first place too. That is why it took me quite some time before purchasing my very first coupon with Groupon. I do regret for the doubts that I had. Because of that, I've missed tons of good deals previously.

They have different types of deals every month. So make sure you login to their webpage regularly to check out what new offers they have.

So, one fine day while I was bored. I started checking out their page just for fun. Most of their deals are in KL/PJ area, and that is also one of the reason why I don't purchase deals from them. Fortunately, I came across to this DEAL

As you can see, the price per person cost about RM94 and with this deal, all you have to pay is only RM33 and there you go, a 3 course meal for you to feast on.

There are 4 main course for us to choose from and 2 types of soup and dessert.
You can choose anything you want.
Normally, the sane people will opt for the most expensive one lah. Who in the right mind would want to eat the cheapest among all kan? Gila ke apa.


Oh well, so we had Beef strip loin steak, oven baked sea bass fillet, wild mushroom soup, minestrone soup, tiramisu and fruit cake.

Will post the pictures below, right after i'm done explaining on how to purchase a deal from Groupon.

Can you please scroll up to the first picture again on the top?
Can you see the BUY NOW sign in green background? If you do, then click that in order to BUY.
Once you've done clicking that, they will show you this soon after.
You can choose to buy either for 1 person, 2 people or 4 people.
Click the Buy icon whichever you prefer to purchase.

And if you have not registered yet, you would have to fill in the particulars under the NEW USER and tick the box to certify your age and press Submit Order.

And if I'm not mistaken, you might have to verify the email sent to your email account. If you are already a member, then good for you. Next step!

After submitting your order, please choose your payment method. You can pay it by credit card or by doing an online banking.

Once you're done with the payment, WALLAA~~
There you go!
Purchase has finally been made.

Then go to My Account in order to print your voucher.
Can you see Your Voucher in PDF file?
Just click that and print it. Then you're good to go.

This is how the voucher looks like.
It contains your voucher code, security code and also reference number.
You can do your booking online or just by paying a visit to their restaurant.
In my case, I did my booking by visiting them as they were too busy to even bloody pick up their bloody phone! pffft!
Anyway, they need to see your voucher before making any bookings. Which means, no booking through phone? Since the dude asked for the printed voucher as evidence rather than giving him the code only. Hmmm...

I had to mosaic the codes or else people might print out this voucher and use it themselves since the redemption for this voucher valid until early December. You'll never know the society nowadays. Kaki tipu banyak :D

Love the ambiance. Quite classy in a way.

Ice Lemon Tea

 Wild Mushroom Soup

 Minestrone Soup (which is a mixture of vegetables, especially tomatoes)

 Beef Strip Loin Steak

 Oven-baked sea bass fillet

 Tiramisu Cake

Fruit Cake

Overall the food was ok-ok.
Nothing much to brag about.
So what's my opinion regarding to the deal I bought? Personally, I think it's worth it. I just need to dine in a relaxing restaurant with a nice ambiance after a whole busy and tiring day at work.
Sweet escape they say.

What I wore to work this morning. 

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