Monday, October 8, 2012


Roughly about two weeks ago, I went to watch Dredd in the cinema.
The movie was quite good.
The chick is cute and hot.

Then during the night, went to meet up with Shawn Kong king-kong.
This China Man just came back from CHINA.
So we managed to hang out for a little.
Didn't see him for almost 2 years kot.
Had our dinner in Geographer.

Besides that, my cute little cousins came back Malaysia the other day.
It's the end of Ghost Festival, hence the prayers.

The little rascal called Justin.

A picture of his cute ASS :D

 And Justin elder brother - Haydenz.
Big boy jor :)

We also went to Wazen to celebrate a day earlier before receiving our first salary.
Unfortunately that restaurant was non-halal.
hahahaha! Hence the boy terpaksa tengok I makan seorang-seorang.
Went to McD soon after that.

My life is good so far.
Adapting to the working life.
Looking forward an interesting life ahead.

Till then.

ps: It's my convocation day today. Congratulations to me, myself and I. Owhhh and also my fellow course mates. hehe ;)
Will blog about that once I've got all the pictures okay!

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