Sunday, October 14, 2012

5th October 2012 is the day How I Met Your Mother.

Ignore the blog title.

So it happens to fall on a Friday.
The day where we have to collect our robes for graduation convocation.

We were the only one who drove up to Cyberjaya in the afternoon. Oh and not to forget  Jia Rou.
The rest of our friends were there in the freakin early morning.
Unfortunately they have to line up for hours just to collect the alumni card and the robe.
Lucky for us as we enter the Hall just like a Boss. Masuk je terus dapat. We collected everything within 20 minutes.

Like they said, we shouldn't follow the rules all the time. (says who?)

 The Robe

Once we were done with it, we drove all the way to Alamanda to meet up with a bunch of old friends.
It was great to meet up with Danial, Haasyieff and Yusri.
Had fun listening to Haasyieff's story regarding to work.
Oh well, our topic was about 'So How's Work?'
You'll get that same topic whenever you catch up with your old mates.

And I also had by far the most expensive waffle in my whole life.
Nak kata sedap pun macam biasa je lah.
Tapi harga mahal nak mampos!
I'm going to ban Amirul's favorite shopping mall starting from today!

Our next stop was at Bukit Bintang area.
Went into H&M for window shopping. The one and only H&M outlet in Malaysia as for now.

Had our dinner in Sushi Tei with Danny, Amirul, Fikry, Ying-Le, Nicole, Steven, Presilia and the boyfie.
Missing those moments with them.
I'm still not use to working life. I want to rewind my life back again can or not?

 Congrats on your wedding!

Our Dinner!!

 The babe so happy in here. LOL!

Ying-Le teaching Amirul how to eat Wasabi. 

 Look at Amirul's expression. hahahahaha! 
'Pedas betul wasabi ni'

 Fikry's face!! hahahaha

Owhh and look at the new S3 phone Amirul bought.
Ada orang sudah upgrade yo! I'm proud of you wahai kambing biri-biri.
From a food stealer, into a respectable man *ehem*
He doesn't go around stealing people's food anymore nowadays.
Because he's rich already. hehehe :p
Instead, people going around stealing his food now. haha.

 Single and available.
Application forms provided.
First come first serve basis.

 The couples :P

While we were eating, there's a hot mat salleh chick passing by us and Amirul shouted 'I'm single and available' and then he did this when the girl passed by us.

Gosh! Gatal tahap maksimum! Please control yourself Amirul. That is a public place okay. Don't embarrass us lor.
Patutlah you are single up till today. hahahaha! Requirement terlampau tinggi.

Girls out there, if you're interested in Amirul and you want to be more than friends, here are some tips on how to attract him.

1. Tall
2. Pretty
3. Nice body figure
4. Nice booty -preferable like JLo's ass.
5. Moderate booby size.

If you think you have all the above, please contact him at

 Making full use of Amirul's phone.

I seriously love S3 camera.
Should I get that phone too? O_o

 With my part time lover.

 With my bestie.

 With my pet.

 The guys. Red and green theme.

 The girls.

The Glitter man!

Went back Melaka right after dinner.

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