Thursday, September 1, 2011

The End of August

First and foremost I would like to wish all the Muslims Selamat Hari Raya and also to every Malaysian Happy National Day.


It's now the first of September and without us noticing, we left about 2 semesters more before everyone started with their own new life - working life.

I want to be forever 21!


Last Saturday I went to watch Spy Kids 4 in Dataran.
I did not bother to check the GSC webpage so we went there stupidly instead.

All the movies that I planned to either watch one of them were in 3D

1. Spy Kids
2. Conan
3. Final Destination 5


They wanted to watch Final Destination 5 in 3D but I objected.
Ewww so geli la watch in 3D.

So in the end, I was the one who made the decision. The rest have to obey me. MUAHAHAHAH!!!
I'm da' boss.

Rm16 for the bloody 3D movie T______________________T

Not a bad movie but not encouraged to watch in 3D.
The normal one is more than enough.


After staying home for couple of days, I decided to hang out with Mei Liang, Sher Lyn and 2 other of her friends.

It took us almost 2 hours just to reach Mahkota.
Freaking jam like mad.

I'm supposed to join them to Singapore trip today :(
But I've made a last minute decision and unfortunately the bus tickets all sold out already.
Most of them bought the ticket 2weeks back.
I'm gonna miss out the fun. sob.

Anyway it was Pink Wednesday yesterday.
2 scoops of BR ice cream for the price of 1.
It's been quite some time since I last ate BR.

I did not plan to do any shopping yesterday.
But I just couldn't resist myself.
Ended up I bought a vintage looking sling handbag, a dress, a top and also a contact lense from FreshKon.

RM50 for a month. We bought 2 and he gave us RM45 each. I got myself the Winsome Brown color.
The guy gave us a free solution :)

Though they said it's for a month, but I think I would probably wear it up to 3 months.

Unlike those other brands where you can get for RM20+ each and they told you that you can wear it for a year. Well I don't know whether it's true or not or it is just another form of marketing skills. To attract people to buy their product without even considering the consumer's health.

However from what I've observed, most of my friends were using those lenses up to 6 months. Everything seems find. So maybe it is trusted after all.

Contact lense is like a necessity nowadays. The main purpose of contact lense is actually for those who are wearing spectacles. It was meant for them to look better without the spec. Somehow people who don't even have a bad eye sight tend to use lenses nowadays to have bigger eyes.

After shopping, we went to Ong Kim Wee for satay celup.
Goshh... all 3 shops there were super full. I bet Capitol will be super freaking full as well.

After that we headed to Malim's Food Court for second round :)
And when I got back home I ate again.

Depressed syndrome for not being able to join them to Singapore.

Till then.
Can't wait for Saturday *hearts*

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