Sunday, August 28, 2011


Have you ever felt like your life is incomplete?
When your life is not as interesting as others?
Where you don't own stuffs that others do?
Feeling so down and frustrated for all these unnecessarily?
Well I do sometimes.

It is so annoying to feel that way.
I hate this feeling.
I should appreciate things as what they are instead of hoping and demanding something that is impossible to achieve.
But that's humans nature.
All of us need to learn how to control such emotions and feelings.

If we get too carried away with it, we are just going to put ourselves in a deep shit.

Why am I not as pretty as her?
Why am I short?
Why she deserves such life?
Why is she rich?
Why is she so cute?

Why can't I be like her?
Why must I be the 'Me' now?
Why am I not as intelligent as her?
Why is she so hardworking and I'm not?

Why am I this?
Why am I that?
Why why why?

This thing can go on and on forever.
Am I the only one feeling that way or do any of you face the same way I did?

There's always this time of the month where I'll act pretty strange and kept thinking about stupid things.
Sometimes I couldn't even figure it out what's my own problem.
What I want
And what I'm thinking of.
No one could tell including myself.

Girls are always a very complicated creature.

But I'll be fine as time goes by.
The sad thing is that this thoughts will haunt me again in the future.
It has always been that way.
No solutions towards it.

Seriously, what is life about?
In the religious point of view, your purpose of life is to serve the one and only one God.
But it seems like most of us forgot about that.
We only aim for a high position jobs, luxurious lifestyle, entertainment, latest gossips and we forgotten about Him.

We only remembered Him when we are in difficulties.
I am not a devoted Buddhist follower.
I can barely count how many times I prayed in my lifetime.
I only pray during big occasions.

Anyway this is just one of my ranting post collection after so long.
I'll be fine.
Just like always.
Pretending that everything is okay.
Moving forward hoping for miracles which always disappoint me.
I'll be fine.
I hope I'll do fine.
I am no kiddo no more.
I'm a grown up adult.
Should act like one.

This whole blog post doesn't even make any sense to me.
What do I want again?


Ash said...

hey cheer up, Im short too~ xD
We are humans, we never satisfied with anything. The best we can do is to spent our time wisely with the one we love. Life is short and time is moving faster each day. So lets catch up with time no?

ruby said...

Yea true.
Human can't never be satisfied with what they have.
haha thanks.
I'm all okay right now :)

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