Monday, August 1, 2011

Singapore Day 4

I know this is a super duper outdated post.
My 2 months ago trip to Singapore around the month of early June.
So I'm going to continue my trip. hehehe.
I know it's pretty bored but still I'm going to blog about it though it was long time ago.
Below are the links to my previous Singapore Trip blog posts.

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3 Part 1
Day 3 Part 2

I spent my Day 4 in Jurong. Haydenz's house.
My cute little boyfriend *hearts*

Awww ain't he adorable???
Make me wanna squeeze and pinch his cheeks :D

Nothing much happened that day except for spending the afternoon in Jurong mall.

Bought a hairband, belts and a comb. WTF. Who the hell buys a comb when they are on a holiday in Singapore la? Gosh I felt like slapping myself after I bought it. Duh!!!
But the belts quite cheap ler.
10SGD for 3 belts :)
Means RM 8 each. hehehe...

Then we headed to BenTen Cafe for some snacks.

Then we camwhored like mad at the toys section :D
I want care bears T_________________T
Mark Rosaidey!!!!!!
You don't stingy can?
Be more romantic can?
Do I even need to tell you this?

Oh boy. I can die in peace with all these soft toys.

Went back home for some rest and basically spending time with the little rascal :)


Day 5, 6 and 7 to go.
Till then. Toodles

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