Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day One in Singapore

As I promised, here's my Singapore trip post for Day 1.

I took the 11am bus and reached Singapore roughly about 3pm.
The driver was pretty old hence his driving skill was pretty slow too. lol

Pictures below was taken from my cousin's album.

We went out in the evening right after i'm done taking my lunch. Was super hungry at that time.
So we went to this shopping mall nearby their place. Sort of nearby la. Can't remember where was it.

I had the purple sour plum tea. Freaking sour T_T
Had a hard time finishing it up.

One thing special about Singapore is that, they have this thing in shopping malls. I'm not sure whether every shopping malls have it but I seriously think this is damn cute and of course super expensive as well T__T

3 dollar for a spin.

So basically I did nothing much on the first day as it was pretty late and since I went there with my cousins, so of course there's no night life lor. No clubbing or yam cha session one. Went to bed early that night so that I'll be fully charged for the next day activities.

Going to bed now. Early morning class tomorrow at 8am. Worst part is not the waking up at 6am thingy but the i-must-wear-fully-formal-attire-to-class-thingy



Ash said...

lol, in kl shopping malls also have those things its called gashapon. 1 token its rm4.

ruby said...

haha owh is it? LOL!
Maybe coz in melaka don't have so i assumed that Malaysia don't have it.
Hmm RM4 per token and 3 tokens = RM12

In Singapore its only 1 dollar per token. That makes it only 3SGD
See the difference T___________T

LOL. but the one piece gashapon in SG looks kinda cute T.T

Ash said...

yeah lol, thins thing really expensive since its directly from japan ==" some need 4 token. Yeah, maybe we shud not convert it?? lol

the stuff inside all cute except this thing really cheat ur money. if u dun get wat u want then u end up waste ur money until u get wat u wan, which u dun even knw u if u can get it. -_-"

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