Sunday, June 12, 2011

It's You :)

Last Friday, we don't have class. Yeah~
There goes my first week of new semester.
Pheww. Time seriously do fly fast.

Went down town to catch a movie.
I wanted to watch Hoodwinked but both of them reluctant to join me because it was in 3D.

So we came to a conclusion which was to watch KL GANGSTER.
At first I hesitated because I don't really trust or put any expectations on local movie.
Plus I do not want to waste money on it as well. lol

However, there's nothing else to watch so I just give it a try you know. Hopefully it will turn out to be good. Which was thankfully quite good.

So after buying the tickets, we went to Station Kopitiam for lunch.

My hair seriously need to be pampered.
Look at all the dead hair O__O
Plus I looked different from this angle.

Anyway, right after lunch, we went for the movie.
Now let me tell you about the stares we received from the moment we stepped into the cinema room.

Basically the whole room was completely filled with malays. So when 3 muka cina entered the room, for sure it was something weird right. Cause as far as I'm concern, not many chinese will watch local movie. I don't even watch Malaysia Chinese movie. Ughh...

So from the moment we sat on our respected seats, the guys who sat a row with us started staring at Mark. hahahahahahaha!!!! I couldn't stopped myself from laughing. Then the front row people kept turning back to double check. Yes do believe your eyes. You should be proud okay that I watched your movie. lol.
Don't la give the dead stare look at me.

Apart from that, the movie was seriously good. The way they talked really damn funny la.
Reminds me of my older days where all my malay friends used to speak that way. Miss it so much.
Well for your information, I have more malay friends than chinese okay.

Right after movie, when we were about to leave the cinema, we have to battle from the stares again. hahahahahaha!!!
Imagine all eyes on you. Fuh!
I felt like I'm a celebrity sial for that day.

By the way, that was my very first time in my 22 years of living, stepping into the cinema watching a malay movie. LOL!
Previously I wanted to watch another malay movie called KONGSI but unfortunately I didn't manage to catch that up.

Right after movie, we went to Breeks for dinner :)

We ordered Korean food :)
I can't remember the name but it comes with kimchi soup.
If i'm not mistaken it was something which sounded like Bim Bim Chicken.
HAHAHAHA! Okay maybe not.
But sounds so damn cute hor? lol

We camwhored while waiting for our food.
The typical Ruby style what. You should know by now already.

The LALA syndrome struck me that day. Don't know why all my pictures with the peace pose. Ewww!
But I'm still cute though :P

That's our food. Very healthy okay. RM12.90. After tax about RM15. hmmm standard price la hor.

Had a great dinner with great people :)
Though Nicole was more like the tiang lampu BUT we still love you. LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!

No Entry LAH!!

We took camwhoring into the next level which was to camwhored at the car park. hah! lame max but still cute :P

So that's the end of my life. lol


As for Saturday, we went out AGAIN :)
Went to Sushi King for lunch :X

I'm wearing the shirt that I bought from Universal Studio *hearts*
Okay I promised I will blog about my Singapore Trip soon hahahaha!
Damn a lot nice photos for that blog entry. I'm afraid blogspot can't handle.

LOL I love this photo. Mark's face looked so KIMOCHI!!!

This is Pink Guava Yakult. RM5.90 per glass I think. Eh damn nice wei :)

Then we headed to Gajah Berang to look for books.
Went to every bookstores but couldn't find any.
So we went shopping instead.
The area was full with boutiques so we must tengok-tengok mah.
I bought a checkered shirt :D
Super good deal okay.
I am a wise shopper *winks*

Then we stepped into Seven 11
It's been ages since I last drank Slurpee.
OMG I missed it much.

I love the background la. Looks like in Japan Street like that. So colorful one. hehehehe
Mark felt embarrassed because I forced him to take my picture with the Slurpee machine. hahahaha.
Well at least I asked permission from the cashier whether I can take a picture with it or not. hahaha which eventually made Mark even more embarrassed. lololololololol!!!!!

Faster say I cute :D

Then we entered this soft toys shop where they sold toys wholesale one, then I bumped into this cute toys which they wrapped like a flower style that kind. Aiya don't know what is it called liao. But you can see many couples who tend to get marry, putting those soft toys on their car one. You know you know? Please tell me that you know or else you damn outdated okay -_______________-

So the one I saw only have one doll on it and of course cheap also la. LOLOLOLOLOL! I mean cheaper than the big ones la. So I asked Mark to buy me that but he refused :(

However ended up he surprised me with that.

hahahaha you sweet romantic CHEAPO.
I shai.

After he bought me that, he told me "thank god they got sell one only. if not mati"

Damn sad can!
Where got human being like that one.

Anyway, thanks a lot sayang :D
I wanted to get you the 40cent bookmark actually. But then I think hor, it's a waste of money. wahkakakaka!
So you just anyhow use A4 paper to make it as your bookmark la okay? lololololol!!!!

Went to Dataran to look for Amirul since he'll be working there every weekends.
So for those who are free, do find him there okay.
Because he was so bored and lonely. hahahaha
Awwwww kesian monyet kesayangan ku.

Since he was the DJ or whatever you call it, he made a stupid announcement by saying "for a girl by the name of Ruby, if you are missing please come to the stage as your boyfriend Mark Rosaidey is waiting for you"

hahaha what the fuck! Damn malu sial.
Dah la so many people standing there shopping -______-
Damn you Amirul Izzat!

So the conclusion is, if you do not want to be embarrassed by him, make sure you won't find him at all.

Then we went to have Paratha. I had Savoury Paratha. Chicken and Cheese. Yummy!!

both of them looked funny :D

And then we headed to Green Apple for a drink :)
Met up with Rishi there.

Blur looking Amirul. hahaha

Take 1: Apa ni focus on Nicole je. cish!

Take 2: Okay la not bad.

A kind lady who was selling the D.I.Y ice cream next to Green Apple offered to take our group photo without us asking. Very sweet of her. She admired Rishi's hair as well. hahahaha.

Take away Shihlin XXL Crispy Chicken before I headed back home.
That was for my dinner.

As for today, I went to KFC just to order the KFC Bucket. That was my lunch.
Seriously broke. I need to cut down on my food T.T
So I had corns for dinner only today. SUMPAH. Tak tipu!
Nak diet and save money also.

By the way, I got myself a pink Domokun keychain. nyahahahaha!

I want it to be pink instead of lame old brown color. Now my Domokun has style yo!

ps: Those who are interested to get this. Do inform me :)


g_pentium said...

haha monkey boy.
awesome post!!love it

Ash said...

this sure one long post hahah. I respect u to post and write every single details of the event. U have such patients while i just malas like that hahah.

Anyway this is a great post! :)

ruby said...

G pentium : hehe thanks
Ash: hahahaha actually I damn lazy also. But since I'm quite free, so I just update it ba. However the part where I need to wait for the pictures to upload a bit malas la. Damn lambat

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