Thursday, June 9, 2011

Up Up In The Sky

Happy Birthday Jason Wee :)

Went to Secret Recipe right after our class. Yeap it was our Professional Practice class where all of us were being told to dress formally for this class. Well we do look cool somehow in all black and white.

It's like a birthday dress code for the day. lol.

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Why you so cute one? Smile until cannot see eyes at all :P
Welcome to the club boy. The mata sepet club :D

We sang the Birthday Song :)

See Jason's smile. He looked very happy. hehehehe

Plus I do not what is that Nicole doing there pointing at the cake.
Maybe she was trying to tell Jason "Ehhh your candles wanna fall"

I love this group photo very much. Don't we look PRO?

ps: I'm close to poverty. Thanks to all the entertainment and good food I had :x

Right after that, I went to Nicole's place and slack there for 2hours+ just to wait for our next class which was at 3 to 5pm.

After class ended, we all headed to New Jusco for a movie. Had our dinner there and then went to watch Super 8.

Aiyooo the movie looks nice from trailer but then not that nice one -____________-
Plus the ticket cost me RM12. Bloody hell!!!
As if I'm not broke enough.

So overall the movie wasn't that good.

Somehow I also managed to watch Xmen yesterday night together with Mark and Nicole.

Okay this movie was fantastic. A must watch movie :)

I've got so many post pending right now. My unfinished Singapore trip post and also Steven's Birthday Party in Movida last Tuesday night. I'll blog about that once Jia Rou posted it in facebook. Jia Rou, I'm waiting for your photos ^^

Till then. Good night


g_pentium said...

yea right u n ur so close to poverty

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