Monday, June 6, 2011

First day of the final year.

So how was my presentation today?
Well it turned out well :)
Which was unexpectedly. Thank God.

So I had my first class today and my lecturer for this subject is LOVE!

I've been in campus for almost the whole day.
Went to new Jusco at 6pm for some window shopping together with Iimk and Nicole :)

Then about 7pm+ went to Sushi King for dinner.

You very ugly!
I happythat you are ugly in this photo. To distract people from noticing my ugly face. lol
okay did i just said that out loud? fml!

Okay I looked like shit today.

Oh well. I couldn't keep posting my cute pictures only right? Need to post some ugly pictures as well. Or else later my market keep going up. Very hard to handle one u know? :P

So the 3 of us had this for dinner while Mark had something else.
Promotion price. 50% discount so it cost about RM6.25. Original price was RM12.50.

Erm the taste so-so la. Not that nice and not so bad either.

Mark's dinner.

Anyway, I've finally collected the whole set of the coke can glass collection :)

My Coke Tower :)

I promised to blog about my trip right? However the insanely amount of pictures taken during the trip was insanely madness a lot like wtf! So I lazy. hahahaha.

Okay bye


g_pentium said...

u wont use tat coke glass at all?

ruby said...

Nope I wont use it la. Just keep it :)

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