Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 2 in Singapore

Overdue post

Second Day in Singapore was awesome :)

Had my breakfast in my aunt's place in order to save cost for shopping purposes :D
Then we headed off to China Town for some souvenirs shopping time.
See la, second day je I already think of my friends. Think of what to buy for them as a small token.
Ish ish ish. Can you see how sweet am I?
Cewaahhh :P

In the Public Transport. Efficient max!

Bought nothing much there except for key chains.

Then we went to get some Sticky.
The price is very affordable for Singaporeans lor.
Unlike Malaysia =.=

We bought a small packet like the one i'm holding above. Cola flavor and it only cost us SGD 3.90
Let's not talk about the price after conversion. I saw many school girls who bought that for like 5 to 10 packets. Crazy one o.O
Every single one of them ler. I wonder where the hell they get the money from.
And they are willing to spend that much just on sweets.

Anyway, since the currency is 2.4, so after converting, the Sticky cost about RM9+ per packet.

Imagine buying this about 10 packets in Malaysia. It will cost you about RM100 liao lor.

Headed to Clarke Quay right after for some photo taking :)
It started to drizzle when we were camwhoring half way.

the size of my boobs in this picture is just an illusion.
the Nike shirt that I'm wearing, seriously enhance the size appearance.
It is not as what it seems. lol
Please do not be deceived.
Optical Illusion.
K bye.

The MUST do act when I'm out of Melaka.
The jump shot :D

Take 1: Failed

Take 2: Failed Again

Take 3: hahaha sudah penat

Take 4: Finally :D

Okay la. I lied. To be honest, there's like more than 6 takes before they finally got a proper jump shot of me. hahahaha.
It's all about the timing baby.

Look at their flip flop sales. 5SGD only. How cheap can it be. Every time when I have to compare the price with Malaysia, it seriously boils my blood. GRRR!!!!!
I envy Singaporeans for having almost everything super affordable.

Just like the Cotton On flip flops. I got it for 5SGD only whereas in Pyramid's Cotton On, they sold it for RM29. See la! How am I not supposed to get angry?

Even after converting, it only cost me RM12.

Then we headed to the  Food Expo for lunch.
The place was freaking packed like sardines.

Camwhoring while waiting for the MRT :)

We ate so much that day.
The Fair was so-so anyway.

Owh and I saw something cool where you can even recycle your cooking oil.

Okay I'm warning you that the picture might look pretty EWWW
If you can't take it, please scroll down at a faster speed than usual.
Thank you :)


After lunch, we headed to East Coast Park.
Quite a long distance from the Expo.
Plus to make things worst, it was raining heavily.
Our initial plan was to cycle in East Coast Park.
So we prayed hard that the rain will eventually subside.
Thank God it did but after we cycled for 10 minutes, it started to drizzle again.

You can rent bicycle here.
It cost 6SGD for an hour. You'll get extra 2 more free hours if it is on weekdays and one free hour on weekends. That makes it 3 hours for us. But we cycled for an hour only because of the rain :(

Pictures below were all taken when I was riding on my bicycle. So it's pretty blur.

The park seriously damn nice. Many people jog, skate, fish, cycle, camping and picnic there. A very very very relaxing place. I miss those moment with you girls :(
The moment where we rode the bicycle and cycled so fast just to see who can ride the fastest. wtf!
But ended up Sylvia still won.
I wonder where the hell you got such stamina.

Not to forget also the part where you got lost and we searched high and low for you.
hahahahaha damn funny la.

The park is damn big. You need to cycle for an hour+ in order to complete the whole park O_O

Then we went to this Chinese Restaurant for dinner. Very chinese one. Don't understand english one.
I said I wanted fresh orange but ended up I got F&N.

hahahahaha funny shitz.
But thanks to him, I get to taste this orange again. I never drink it for ages. hehe.
Never come into my mind to order such drink.
The only time I will drink this is only when I went for visiting during Chinese New Year.

My sambal sotong 4SGD

After dinner, headed back to Toa Payoh.

Wasting some time while waiting for the bus. Had a great day with my beloved cousins :)

Passed by Geylang. Hmm I saw a lot old chinese man there. hahahahahaha.
Maybe I should drop by there next time when I make another visit to Singapore again :D

Okay, I can't wait to blog about my Day 3 in Universal Studio.
However I won't be that free nowadays. So I bet my next post about that should be in a week or a month time :)

Till then.

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