Thursday, June 23, 2011

Right There

 So basically I'm in my 3rd week now in Final year first semester.
Gosh! This is crazily fast man.


I've been very very very super duper freaking busy for week 2 and 3.
Busy dealing with the book orders and also classes and tutorials. Ugh!
Driving me nuts.

But the best part after all the hard work was to have KFC for dinner in one of the nights together with Iimk, Nicole, Mark, David and Amirul :)
It was nice to have dinner with you all.
We should do that more often you know. 1 years more in campus is not that long. Just in a blink of an eye. Poof! There ya go. Bye bye.
Bye bye in the sense of graduate la. Not die punya bye bye. hahahaha!

Thanks to those who helped Iimk and I to carry and distribute the books :)
Appreciate it much. As for my cute little assistant, Desiree. If you are reading my blog, I would like to thank you a million for helping me :)
Without you, my life would be 100 times harder than what I am facing now.
hahahahaha. I think you read my blog right? *muka tebal*

Now just let me rant a little about my study life.
Holy mama!
It's damn hard like you never shitted for a week. Hard like that lor O__O
hahahahaha. Okay that was the most disgusting example ever. Anyway still cute.

I am totally lost in one of the subject. I seriously need to start doing my revision or else I'm gonna be a dead duck.

Last Saturday I went to Sushi King again for lunch.

Erkk... okay this gets pretty boring now. Every single week I ate in SK.
However thank god they served this Mini Wafu Tori Don.
RM4 only.
But the quantity damn small la of course.
The chicken very tender and juicy. Juicy in the sense of oily. hahaha

It was a boring Saturday. No movies to watch and we were not willing to pay 11 bucks for Green Lantern. So we just wandered around. However I managed to get myself a new dress :) cute one indeed.

Then we went to look for Amirul.

We went for a drink and had a great time talking and teasing one another.
Awwww how I love it.

Since I was bored that day, I stalked on Mini Toons :D
I want the whole shop can?
Love all the soft toys there.

Then we headed to this new Crepe 2U kiosk.

That was my second time. My first time was last week. Went there with my secondary friends. Had a small reunion. Simple but fun :)
Everyone were busy playing pool while I was busy playing with my cousin's iPhone game. Gosh. Fukin addictive man.

By the way, every single friend of mine are switching phones and most of them are using either Blackberry or iPhones. So I might be changing to either one of it sooner or later. The possibility of getting a Blackberry is way higher than getting an iPhone. hahahaha.
iPhone damn expensive la T________T

The reason for getting a BB is because you can BBM your friends for free. My phone credit is sky high every month :(

Okay let's just leave this topic aside.

Bought myself a supplement in order to avoid tiredness. You know la I'm a busy girl ma. Everyday busy and have to carry things here and there sampai separuh mati already. hahahaha.

So I bought this supplement.
Got it from GNC.
Whenever I consumed it, my urine will be damn yellowish one. But after several hours it will be back to normal. I have no idea why. But that's what the sale assistant told me. Hmmm my science sucks one.
So I'll trust the doctor and pharmacist 100%

Even if you give me poison and tell me it is a vitamin. I will eat one lor -_____-
Ding Dong!

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