Friday, June 10, 2011

One Go

Happy Birthday Steven a.k.a Dai Lou :)

Birthday boy with his beloved darling

Went Movida to celebrate.

Nothing much to blog about. Took quite a number of photos using Jia Rou's new semi DSLR camera :)
So pictures in this post were all taken from her.

I'm not a good drinker. But that night I was forced to drink Chivas from the bottle for 3 seconds which eventually turned out to be 4 seconds -________-

Basically everyone have to.
For guys, some were being forced for 10 seconds, some for 6 seconds whereas for us girls, just 3 seconds. lol.

The taste was UGH! I do not know how to describe it but UGH!

Because of all that drinking, I couldn't sleep that night. My whole body felt very hot just like burning hot. Menyesal.

However, it's a nice experience though o.O

Our group photo :)

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