Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Revolution Everywhere

Day 3 of the fasting month and also the Chinese Hungry Ghost month.
It's already in the month of August.
How time fly so fast.
Roughly about 10 months more to go before we graduate. Gawd O__O

Anyway last Thursday was having my criminal procedure midterm paper. Right after the paper we went for Satay :)

Then we headed to Dataran for Captain America :D

Went to the Arcade while waiting for our movie.

There were 13 of us in total :)

The movie was bodylicious!!!

OMG just look at that!!!! *faints*
Why is he so damn hot?
He is damn good looking as well.
I think I am in love.

hehehehehe. I'm always in love with hot looking guys :P

Anyway the movie was good. Remember to wait for the after credits because there's a short clip at the back.


Stayed at home the whole day on Friday :)
I miss my room so much.


Went for a date with my slave on Saturday.
It's been a long time since we had a nice date just the two of us.

Normally always got kacau daun a.k.a tiang lampu one *stares at nicole*
hahahahahahahaahah :P
joking joking.

Don't cry after reading this okay Nicole Lee!

We watched Hang Over 2.
The movie was insanely funny.
Oh God. I hate Alan so damn much.
The poster below is Alan.

I swear to God if i have a friend like this, I'll bury him alive. Trouble maker.

However there's a lot of scenes where they cut it off. HAIYOO!!!!
Stupid cinema!
Censor what la. Everyone is adult enough to see la. Even if you cut it off, the kids nowadays are all corrupted already. No point in censoring the obscene part. It's not like it is going to help making the society into a better place with better mentality people.


Then went to Chatime for a drink.
They opened a Franchise in Dataran Pahlawan :)

I had Strawberry Yogurt with mango pudding. Yummy~~
Rm6.90 per cup.

awww so adorable my little pet :P

The boy is craving for Satay again. So we went the same old place for some satay. hehehe fattening!!!


Last Sunday we went to San Francisco for closing opening ceremony of Ramadhan.

Had an expensive dinner there T________________T

After so long, I finally stepped in there. *happy*

Mark and Fikry's Lamb Rack.
RM 47.50 per plate.

My Rib Eye's Steak :)
RM 51.90

Had a great dinner there :)

The surrounding is very nice.
Of course the price is also very nice.
The tax and service charge cost us almost RM30.

So that night the bill for the 3 of us was about RM200.
heh what a dinner.

Once in awhile should be okay la. If everyday like that......... speechless.

After dinner, we went Movida to meet up with Stanley, KM, Danny, Gab and Nicole.
Sat there for an hour.
Not many people that night.
Not so happening.

So that's all for my Sunday :)


As for Monday, Melaka was having a public holiday.
So it was my secondary school friends gathering.
Actually most of them were not my secondary school friends -____-

Meet them in Sibaraku and I got addicted with Chiew's Ipad.
Was playing this sheep game where I have to save the sheep from being stolen by the stupid wolves.

Played until my tangan pun lenguh. Sial betul.
One hand not enough. I need to use both hands :P

But seriously lor. Damn tiring wei. Good exercise :)

Then we drove all the way to AEON for movie since Dataran have no any new movies and some of the movies I've already watched so we opt for movies that none of us watched yet.

So we watched Perfect Rivals. The movie quite funny la.
But still it is not that good as well.
So-so la.


Till then.

My life rocks. peace.

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