Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Princess Nicole's 32 Birthday :D

This post is specially meant for Old Lady Nicole Lee who have just attained the age of 'warga emas'
I love you xoxo :)

Here's my belated birthday gift from Nicole.
Pink Domokun *hearts*
Thanks a lot babe.
I've always wanted a Domokun but somebody never ever wanted to buy for me *dead stares at mark*
Since you bought me that, I shall forgive you for the late delivery.

And here's what we gave her for her 23rd Birthday.
Hopefully you will stop complaining about your skin condition.
Please use it okay. Not to keep it for display purposes only.

17 August 2011
We went to GoGo KTV to celebrate her birthday since she wanted to sing so much.
As you all know, I am not a big fan of karaoke.
The last time I went was 2 years ago during my 20th birthday. hahaha.

Birthday girl and I (over exposure. camera wrong setting. lol)

Hope you enjoyed our accompany babe :)
This will be the last birthday celebration as a MMU student for you.
Awww it makes you sound so old hor?
hahahaha :P

Anyway thanks for being a great friend despite all the excuses that you gave and your 'kelembapan' in doing anything especially the part where you have to blame your lift every time you reached late. Tsk tsk tsk. Please... don't blame the lift anymore. You should start to repent. Life ain't as young as you think it is.
hahahaha :P

Happy Birthday once again :)

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Nicole Lee said...

Awww i forgot to thank you for this lovely post. Thankyou babe :)) Yeah, my last birthday celebration with you guys, the thoughts of it makes me sad :( Anyway, let's enjoy the rest of our final year to the fullest! <3

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