Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tea Milk

Raya mood is no longer there.
Everyone is busy with final exam preparation now.

As for me I have no choice but to force myself to start studying a little bit earlier than the normal me.
Or else I'm gonna die alone.

But my progress is still as slow as a snail. Got caught with interruptions all the time. I started watching this Taiwan Drama acted by Rainie and Wu Chun called Sunshine Angel.

Aiyo... don't know why every time when I am close to exam, the mood of watching anime or drama will haunt me. FML!


Last Saturday, I went to coconut shake to meet up with Tsin Yin. My very first time hanging out with her. Just the two of us. She just got back from Cameron and I jokingly asked her to buy me Strawberries and which she did. OMG!
So thankful and shy in the same time.
Thanks a lot babe.
I enjoyed talking with you. It's just the first time hanging out but we got lotsa topic to talk about. hahaha.

<3 thanks babe

Right after, went to town to meet my sweetheart.
Finally he got back from sakai town :D

Went to Sushi King for dinner.

He looks so exhausted.
Awww poor thing.
But never mind la. Meeting me is more important *teehee*

Then we tried this Milk Tea located in an isolated place in Hatten Square.
It is located at the same row with Overtime.
Seriously! Damn nice. But too bad it was hidden at the back so there's no people at all.
The milk tea mix with vitagen or yakult. Slurps~


4/9/2011, Sunday

Went to Milk Tea again. Mark loves it very much.
Milk Tea fanatic.

Then we watched The Smurfs :D
Finally after waiting for couple of months for the movie to be released.
Cute max :)

After the movie, we headed to McD for dinner.
I wanted to get the Happy Meal toys.
And this is what I got :)

If you press his hand, their theme song will be played.
lalalalalala sing a happy song.
hahahaha sungguh meng-annoying-kan punya lagu.

That day was not a good day for me. Out of no reason I sneeze the entire day and as a result I got a flu.

Mark suggested that we had some hot drinks to help my stupid flu.
But no difference at all.

I had Signature Hot Chocolate with whipped cream while he had Cocoa Cappuccino with Caramel Syrup.
I didn't know that it can taste so good.
I never had hot drinks in Starbucks before. I always tend to go for ice blended.


6/9/2011, Tuesday

Had 8am Civil Tutorial class. The last class for the subject this semester.
Right after class, went to Nando's with Mark and Haasyieff.

Forgot to bring my camera. So this is where my phone camera has the chance to show me what it got.
Quality crappy.

hahahahahaha what pokemon is this?

I had 1/4 Hot Peri Peri Chicken for brunch. And the guys had some grilled burger thingy if I'm not mistaken.
And we had Caramel Cheese cake. RM8.90 per piece.
It taste very delicious.


Yesterday was my last class ever for this whole semester.
So now I can finally start doing my revision in peace without disturbance.
Oh wait, I still have to do the Peer Assessment for Jurisprudence.

Happy studying week everyone.

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