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# Louis Italia

14-15 April 2012

I've been busy working for the Homdex Fair last weekend just to earn some extra cash since I was penniless :(

I worked for 2 days only. It was held in Melaka MITC.
The crowd was not that many compared to PIKOM FAIR.
Well, that was expected though. The stuffs sold cost at least 1k and above unlike PC Fair where you can buy a mouse for RM10 only.

Thanks to that, we don't have to serve customers and work that hard. Although it was tiring but it was not as tiresome as my previous experiences working for PC Fairs. At least, we have sofas to sit on this time. hehe.

I didn't managed to take any pictures on my first day at work.
Below are pictures taken right after the Fair was over.
We were all practically super busy and we don't even have time to take our lunch or dinner properly.
I always took my lunch after 4pm and dinner after 10pm. Damn! Thank God it was 2 days only. If I had dinner that late everyday, I swear to God I'll look like Rakishi from WWF .____.

The products that I'm selling :)

I love this Sofa the most. The one on your left hand side was actually a sofa made in a circle shape. Damn cute! That single sofa alone cost RM1290 itself. Fuh! But I seriously love it. By far that was the cutest thing in my company's product that I have laid my eyes on.

Had a great fun working with Stella. Miss her so much. Hope to work with her again in the future.
Got my salary on that day itself.

16 April 2012

It was Melaka Historical Day and hence a Public Holiday.
Amazingly, the road to town all the way from my home was totally SMOOTH!
I was so amazed and curious at the same time.
Where the hell are they? Even the shopping mall was empty. That was pretty creepy.

I bought 2 tickets to watch Street Dance 2 and then went to meet the boy for lunch at Ee Ji Ban Chicken Rice Shop.

Quite expensive lor. Like that cost almost RM25. (10 rice balls, a tiny plate of roasted chicken and one small plate of sambal prawns). Plus it was only meant for the boy alone. Thank God I didn't eat there. LOL!
Save my money. Fuh!

After that we went to Green Apple for a drink and I finally tried Ice Edge yogurt ice cream. The one that was located right in front of Big Apple Doughnuts and just beside Green Apple bubble milk tea stall.
The taste was quite good. Taste quite similar with Tutti Frutti just that it is not as good as Tutti Frutti but still it is nice. Plus the price is way cheaper lor.

Every 100 grams cost only RM3. Tutti Frutti cost RM5.30 per 100 grams.
The difference is quite vast.

I know I'm getting chubbier :(
But I'm still CUTE! *pffft*

I've made a horrible mistake for buying the 7.35pm movie and as a result, we have to wait for the movie from 5pm to 7.30pm coz our lunch ended at 5pm. Should have taken the 4.40pm movie instead. Thanks to the brilliant me, we were bored as hell. The mall was completely empty and both of us can't stalk anyone to entertain ourselves :(

We had such a romantic date that day - staring at empty walls to kill time.

The movie was good for me. They don't have much dialogue in it. It was more to dancing throughout the entire movie. That's what I like about it :)

However the musics and songs used was not as hype as the one in Step Up. I can't wait for Step Up Revolution to be released in the cinema soon. A must watch movie!

After movie, we headed to D Tandoori for dinner which was almost 10pm.
Just when I thought my job was over, and I don't have to eat that late. Somehow shit happens. lol.

Did you know that by having dinner late at night will make you grow fatter easily rather than having your dinner at the normal hours?
So do avoid the word - FOOD after 9pm.

It is a NO-NO!

Chicken Mughlai, Mutton Butter and Squids - RM30

The boy loves it so much. He's getting bigger day by day. hahahahaha!

I was so happy that I managed to buy this so that my stars won't be lonely but when I got back home I found out that I've actually given the stars away to my cousin.
Means I bought this for nothing la now?
Happy sekejap je :(

But this thing is so cute la.
There's a ball in the bottle where it will glows from blue to red whenever you shake the bottle.

Ps: Have a hice day. hahahaha!! I wonder who created this sticker. 

17 April 2012

My one and only class was canceled. Which means? Extra one more holidays for me :D
So I dated the boy for a movie. Wanted to watch Battleship since everyone posted in Facebook and twitter on how good the movie was and it is a must watch movie. Of course I'll have to watch it.

The movie was GOOD!
Bumped into Yingle there and we watched the movie together :)

After movie we departed ways.

I forced the boy to accompany me to BR.
Was craving for their Mint Chocolate Chip since last week.
My new 'yumcha' spot.

Bought these for lunch because none of us have any idea where to eat.
So we crashed in BR and ate our bread there while having some nice ice cream milkshake *slurps*

I love the boy's choice. Can't remember what he ordered but it tastes so good.
My Mint Choco Chip taste good as well :D

Aww you look so cute in here sayang. Like a lost little puppy. hahaha!

As for dinner, we went to our favorite place where you can get nice and cheap food (well at least for me).

Sup Tulang. Yummy!

Maggie Goreng

By the way, I'm looking for jobs for this upcoming PIKOM FAIR in Melaka MITC.
I would love to work on the 21st and 22nd of April. If any of you who needs an extra hand, please do contact me.

I'm in need and desperate for jobs now.

Till then.
Good night :)

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