Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Harvest Spot

1 April 2012

Went to Harvest Spot which was located around Melaka Raya area for a change of environment.
I've came across to this place a couple of times but didn't have the chance to try it out.
Finally I've decided to give it a try since the surrounding looks quite elegant from the outside.

Apple Green Tea and Peach Green Tea @ RM 5.90 each

Polo Ed Fungo Spaghetti @ RM 13.90
(the portion freaking big)

Spaghetti Parmagiana @ RM 17.90
(with chicken on it)

Overall the food was quite good. I did not managed to finish my food as the portion was too big for my little appetite.

Nice place to hang out as well :)

Wore my newly bought long chiffon skirt that day :)
I feel so ladylike *shy*

After dinner we went to Starbucks for a drink AGAIN!
Seriously! I can't take it anymore.
I do feel like puking whenever I heard that greedy boy telling me 'let's go Starbucks or Coffee Bean for a drink'.



2 April 2012

Slept quite late because everyone started posting and uploading their Law Night dinner photos and it makes me so anxious looking at how everyone looks so good and pretty that night.

Plus I forced the boy to pass me all the pictures taken by his camera on that day to me.
My next post would be regarding to my Law Night.
Before that I need to re-size all 400 pictures and slowly choose which one to be posted in this blog.
I am going to have fun doing all these :)
Owhh and just so you know, I will be having 2 midterm papers next week.
So I am not sure when will I be having a free time to update my blog. But worry not, I will try my very best to do update it :)

Went to Asri for breakfast with Mark, Nicole and Steven.
Then in the afternoon we lepak in Mori while discussing  #100 facts about guys
Basically from 1 to 100 they are all the same :P
Okay just kidding. We were talking about relationship thingy and Mark is the guest of honor to answer all Chng's questions.
hehehe. She is so cute. She's very blur about all these. Can cheat her easily. She takes jokes so seriously. hahahaha!!
I enjoyed hanging out with them.
Feel so sad that we only have about a month plus to enjoy among ourselves :(

During dinner, Mark and I went to 'kedai belakang' for dinner.
Our favorite shop. Cheap and nice too!
Then we went Tutti Frutti for some dessert. Yesterday there was a Coffee flavor yogurt ice cream and that was my first time trying it out. Damn! It taste so good :x


3 April 2012

Went to Sushi King right after our class which was around 11.30am.
There were exactly 5 of us (Mark, Ying-Le, Chng, Nicole and I).
Sushi King is having their 3 Days Bonanza.

Luckily the queue was not that long.
Bumped into Foo and the gang as well in there :)

Everyone ate so greedily as if they have not eaten for almost 10 years (referring to other people around me). Excluding my groups. All of them ate so little. OMG! Such a waste.

Mark, Nicole and Ying-Le ate 5 plates only while Chng ate 4 plates.
Unfortunately I am one of those greedy people category O_____O
I ate 7 plates instead which was equivalent to RM30 for normal price. I am so happy that I only have to pay  half of the original price :D

After lunch, Nicole drag us to Summit and thanks to her I've just waste money again.
Oh by the way, I've been aiming for this wedges since the day before CNY.
2 months ago, it was placed under the New Arrival section which cost RM109.90 and I was this close of buying it. Can you see how close was it? This close - the gap between my thumb and my middle finger. That close.

Luckily Mark managed to stop my soul from buying it.
Now after 2 months, this shoes was put at the 50% shelf right in front of my eyes.
Thank God I did not buy it before or else I am so going to cry lor.

I got the last pair which was in size 5. Luckily it was my size. hehehe!
So now I bought it for RM 54.95 ONLY!
*tears of joy*

Awww... she's a pretty girl ain't she?

Nicole bought a pair of heels too.
She doesn't really need a new heels but you know la Nicole.... her hand memang gatal punya :)
As if lah I need a new wedges :P
Oh and yes I do need a new one since I don't have any black wedges :P (excuses)

Poor Ying-Le... she wanted to get a pair of heels too. Unfortunately it was a new arrival and it cost about RM100+ so she skipped the idea of getting it.

Then we headed to Coffee Bean for a drink and for some chit chatting.
Sat there for 2 hours. Mark and Chng were busy talking about politics while Ying-Le busy looking at CLEO featured 50 Bachelors and Nicole busy reading magazine.

As for me, I'm like in between all of them. I do everything :D
I'm such a super multitask girl.

Before I end my post, here's a sneak peak of how my Law Night was :)

 With my boy *hearts*

The macho guys

The pretty girls

So there you go.
Shall update soon.
Till then.

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