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Law Night 2012 - Essence of Elegance

31 March 2012

Last Saturday, was my final year Law Night Dinner which was held in Renaissance Hotel.

I've been facing quite a number of problems especially when it comes to where should I do my make up and hair thingy. Every saloon located near MMU was all fully booked by other students and if I want to do there, I would have to be there by 3pm. That was super duper early. By the time the event started, I bet my make up will melt and my hair will turn out to be a mess.

Luckily, Peiyan made an appointment at T&G which was located near Malim Jaya, around Econsave Supermarket area. There was nobody at all except for us :)
So we made our appointment at 5pm.

Sources  - Photos come from all my friends camera

We arrived slightly earlier that day.
While waiting for the make up artist to come, we took the chance to camwhore a little. Unfortunately, Peiyan was quite shy. So we only managed to take one picture together. hahaha!

Us before the make up

Peiyan was the first to do her make up. There was only one make up artist. So I have to wait before my turn.

It took about 1 hour and 15 minutes for the artist to turn Peiyan into a barbie doll.

She looks very pretty that night.

Camwhoring while waiting for my turn.

Finally, about 6.20pm it was my turn to be pampered with. lol.
I got pretty tired of waiting. Luckily ViVi magazine managed to entertain me for awhile with all the fashions.

Not completely done yet

Everything was done at 7.25pm and off we went to Renaissance immediately.
I don't really like my hair especially the fringe. I told her not to make it like that cause it makes me look chubbier with my high cheekbones. However, she told me that if she were to let my fringe down, it would be messy T_____________T

Sigh.. I miss my previous law night hairstyle.
By far that was the best hair ever!
I miss my long hair now :(

Time to rock the party baby!

My heels that night - Steve Madden :)
Thanks to Lynette for borrowing me her chio heels.
The heels damn chio and all chio heels will also come with a price - painful

It was about 4 to 5cm high if I'm not mistaken and by the end of the day, my toes were having blisters.

Thanks babe for the heels. You saved my pocket money from buying a new one. xoxo

My hairstyle - back view

From here onwards, less words and more pictures.

Photos taken at the lobby

Photos taken outside the Hall Room

Ying Le - The Crouching Tiger Pose :P

The arrival of the Big Shots People :D

Opening Ceremony

Dancing performance by Dynamix
(If only I'm not mistaken since I don't pay any 
attention and do correct me if i'm wrong)

There were quite a number of dancing and singing performances. Unfortunately I did not pay any attention to any of them because first of all, our table was located at a very shitty place and nobody told us about it during the table booking time. There was this one freaking big annoying wall which was covering our view and hence we can't see a single thing that was going on near the stage -_________-
and secondly, I was too busy taking pictures as well that I don't even bother to watch the performances except for several singing performances by my friends :D

Photos taken in the Hall

All of us look like a dwarfs T______________T
I envy Presilia for being so tall. Give me some of your height can? :D

Time for the Awards Giving Ceremony.

Best Personality (Male) - Steven Lee

Best Personality (Female) - Ying Le

Best Dress (Female) - Cindrell

Best Dress (Male) - Mark

Awww I was shocked when Dr Myint called out his name as the best dresser for male category.
I was like what the hell? Did I heard wrongly? Why does Mark's name was being called? Omg why? So unfair! hahahaha!

Just look at his face in the photo above. He was facing some shocking moments in his life. The shy guy just can't believe his eyes and ears that he won.
Anyway congrats sayang :)

Lucky Draw time.

By the way, Ben from Fly FM was one of our host/emcee that night together with Mr Amirul and Miss Lina Salma.

Nabil - The lucky girl
Ben (the guy in red shirt and black jacket)

One of the lucky guy who won a 40 inch Plasma TV. Damn! One hella lucky fella.
(btw I don't know what was that pose supposed to mean) #yaoming's.9gag.jpeg face

fuuuwwwiiittt!! I saw longkang XD

Both of these pictures above were taken by Cindrell's phone. OMG! I love the picture so damn much especially the effects. Our face looks so flawless gao gao! PS: Please ignore the toilet bowl.

There were too many pictures taken that night. I am having a difficult time choosing which one to post. I randomly clicked few pictures just for this blogging purposes.

I will upload all of it in facebook soon.
So do look forward for the pictures in my facebook all right peeps?

Overall I had a great fun that night despite the fact that the dinner started at 9.30pm which was intolerable.
So called Malaysian timing. I wonder when Malaysian will start being punctual. I seriously dislike people who can't manage their time management properly. #justsaying

Till then.
Good night :)

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