Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Smells like the end of semester.

Results were out and I'm officially a step closer towards graduating.
Thank God I passed all though it was not as good as I've expected it to be but at least it's way better than failing any paper. I should be very grateful. 

I'm left with one more semester and I'll be FREE baby!
Can't wait for all the vacations that I've been craving for.
Need to start saving instead of spending crazily on food.

Holidays are going to over soon. I don't want third semester to open so soon. Cause I'll only have another 3 months left living as a student life.
Thinking about full time work makes me wanna puke to death.

Anyway this post is a very random post.
Just wanna share some latest trends in the fashion world.
Though I'm not the kind of girl who follows and keep up with all the trends but I do know about it. Just that I'm not daring enough to dress like one.

Here's one of the latest trend which is known as the detachable collar. It's quite popular nowadays. It is suitable for clothes that doesn't have any collars on it and you can match it with this.
I think it's pretty cute to create such thing.

You can buy one if you are interested.
It's quite expensive though.
RM45 per piece.
You should do some blog-shopping before purchasing because there might be some other bloggers who are selling it for a cheaper price.

Next would be this cute shoes with a thick sole. If you realize, most of the shoes have thicker sole than the usual ones. I find it really really cute to the max. It is not only comfortable, but it also makes you slightly taller.
I'm considering to get a pair soon.
Shall go for shoes hunting once I'm back from my job.
Gotta go earn some money first :D

When I'm bored, I'll stalk on people's blog, look at the fashion styles and envy them for having the courage to dress that way, envy their perfect body and etc. I know it's kinda lame for doing so but that's what did besides from watching Anime and slacking. hahahaha!

Damn no life wei.

Gonna share some styles which I think is pretty cool.

 -VintageVirgin Jessica-

# I love her mini jumpsuit and oh boy, just look at her heels. Super mad love.

-Masha Sedgwick-

# I love her ankle boots.

-Heliely B-

# Love her dressing style. If only there's winter in Malaysia.

And now I would love to show you the LOVE OF MY LIFE :P

-Adam G-

# I'm in love with him. hahahahahahaha!!!

Ain't he cute and masculine? *hearts*

Okay. Basically that's what I do when I've got nothing better else to do at home. STALK on hot looking people and looking at various kind of styles dressed by people around the world.

The reason why I don't watch anime lately is because my internet is being a bitch to me.
Shitty speed that can't even load a 5 minutes youtube clip. Dafuq?

Shall stop blogging now. Off to stalking mode :P

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