Sunday, March 11, 2012

Port Dickson!!

Meeting point was at King's Hotel on Friday.
Waited for the boss about an hour.
He was an hour late.
The boss treated us lunch in King's Hotel Buffet.

Camwhoring while waiting

We departed around 1.45pm.

We had a great time in the car 'tembaking' Amirul.
Overall the journey from Melaka to PD was fun.

There were 8 of us in total.
We divided into 2 teams/cars.

TJ and I followed the boss to look for hotels and restaurants for the next training camp.
While Amirul and my brother were given another task.

In the evening we went back to our apartment to put our stuffs.
We lived in Corus.
There were 2 units of apartment booked by us.
Each apartment has 2 rooms.

After unpacking our stuffs, we had a meeting again about our tasks for the next day.
Discussed for almost 2 hours.

Around 7.30pm we went to Sarah Thai Food for dinner.

Photography skills for the food pictures damn ugly because I can't take my sweet time taking several shots of it.
I'm afraid the boss will give me one kind of stare. hahahaha!!!

Sweet Sour Fried Fish



Okay this vegetable is so so special. It was so crunchy wei. It's like you're eating keropok yo!
Fuhhh!!! LOL. Seriously damn special. Never ever had I tried this kind of vegetable in my whole life before.
However I don't really like it. Cause vegetable is not supposed to be like that what.

Mixed Vegetables

Lala mixed with squids and crabs. Yummeh :)

Fried Kway Teow 
(like seriously... it took me 2 minutes just to think of how to spell kway teow. dafuq. And please ignore if the spelling is wrong. It is a hokkien language anyway.)

Tomyam!!!! :D


Food fully paid by the boss. Yeeehhaaa!!!
It was delicious. Amirul alone ate the whole fish -________-
I wanted to try the fish, but 5 minutes after the food was being served, the fish left bones je :(

Richard, Amirul, TJ

Once we were done with eating, the boss suddenly asked me what is my type of guy.
And from that question, it became so 'PANAS' and all 7 of us actually discussed about it and eventually such question leads to Marriage, equality and so forth.
I can't believe we spend about an hour just talking about it. hahaha. madness.

I tried to avoid the question by telling him to skip the topic but he still insisted for my answer.
Actually he just want all of us to listen to his opinion/theory. I was like the 'kambing korban'.

We reached our apartment around 10.10pm.

The guys room

Living room

My room

The rooms weren't that nice though. But still sleep-able la :P

The antique air-conditioner in my room. My God! Damn dirty wei. O________O


All of us had about 1 hour 15 minutes just to take our shower.
By 11.30pm we have to gather around for meeting again.
Guess what? The meeting ends about 2am T________________T

I went to bed at 3am (the earliest among all) whereas the rest only had about 30 minutes sleep only especially Amirul and TJ.
They went out lepaking and slept at 6am.

I woke up at 6.15am feeling sleepy :(
3 hours of sleep only. This is quite torturing lor.

By 7am all of us checked out and had our breakfast.

Arrived at Eagle Ranch at 8.30am.

The place is really interesting. It is way nicer than Cowboy Town in A'Famosa.

The hall where we conduct the briefing and indoor games.
The girls were assigned to sit in this room. Whereas the guys were assigned on outdoor games.
Amirul was in charge of Obstacle Challenge game. My brother was in charge of Archery.
TJ was in charge of Hula challenge while Jonathan was in charge of Foozball (something like football but you have 2 balls to kick instead of 1)

I love their rooms. The concept is just so cute. Don't you think so?
The picture above is actually their hotel rooms.

Went for sightseeing before the students arrived.

There were 125 primary 6 school kids and we divided them into 6 teams.
So here's Team 1 below.
The rest of the teams were challenging outdoor.

Team 1 vs Team 2

They were given roughly about 10-15 minutes to build a building with limited sticks, straws and masking tape.

The kids are so so so hyper active okay. They are not shy and very outspoken. When we asked a question, everyone raise their hands to answer. If I am in their position, I will just look down and wish that my name will not be called to answer. LOLOLOLOL!!!!

Amirul guiding the kids to the Cafeteria for lunch.

Their shirts looks like the kids version for PLKN.

Lunch was chicken rice. Not that bad. I love the soup though. Very tasty. *slurps*

We continue with the camp training after lunch.
After 2 and a half hours, we had tea time.

After tea time, we headed back to the Hall for prize giving ceremony to the winning Teams.

LOL!!! The guys all became darker. Amirul is now darker than the dark chocolate. hehehe.
Just look at the skin tone. Poor thing :P

Everything ended around 7.30pm and we headed back to Melaka right after receiving our 'ang pao'.

I am slightly richer now :)
*dancing around*

That night I slept at 11pm and woke up at 1pm the next day. 14 hours of sleep just to compensate the sleepless night I had before.
Oh boy. I feel good!

Anyway today is the last day of holidays :(

Gonna have class tomorrow morning. Mawwww!!! I don't want to go to class.
Cannot wake up late in the afternoon already :(

But I can't wait to see my friends. Happy New Semester MMU-ians.

Till then :)

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