Saturday, March 17, 2012

All Mine.

It was a last minute plan to One Utama yesterday.
There were 5 of us in total (Mark, Amirul, Nicole, KM and I).

We departed about 12pm and reached there around 2pm.
Thanks to the newly bought GPS by the boy. Or else we will just ended up shopping in Bukit Bintang area since that is the only place he knows to go.

With the help of GPS, we managed to arrive in without sesat-ing :D

We were having some tough times looking for parking. Damn! I hate to find parking spots. We spend like 20 to 25 minutes just to look for one. Grrr!!!

The very first thing we did once we arrived One Utama shopping complex was to look for FOOD!!!
We went to Carls Jr for lunch.

The guys love their burger because it was super huge. I ordered a hotdog instead. hehehehe.
The rest of them have a big appetite (including Nicole Lee) hahahaha!!! Kata nak diet konon. cehhh!! :P

After we were done with our meal, we went for a walk.
We entered Candylicious. I didn't know there's Candylicious in One Utama. The first time I saw Candylicious was in Singapore Universal Studio.

So when I saw this shop in One Utama, I went hysteria. hahahaha!
The chocolates/sweets/soft toys are all mad cute!!!
I want to buy EVERYTHING :(

However the chocolates are quite expensive and I still have plenty of chocolates back home.
If I were to buy some more, guarantee GEMUK WEI!
Dah la Law Night in less 2 weeks time.
Later I look buncit in my dress how? T_____T

I want this Chocolate Lollipop down here.

There are plenty of designs. Such as teddy bear, little chick, sheep and much more.
I'm not supposed to take any picture because no photography was allowed. But it was so freaking cute!!!!
How could you resist yourself from secretly capturing it right.

The boy wanted to buy for me but in the end he forgot to buy the lollipop for me T______________T
Yerrrr!!! *rolls on the floor like a 3 year old kid crying*

However we did not buy anything there at first. We only plan to buy it when we were on the way back. Ohh and you can find Garrett Popcorn just right inside Candylicious.

We continue with our journey to look for the Baseball zone. Guess what? We sesat-ed lor.
We kept walking the same place.
The shopping dah la so freaking big.
Penat giler okay!

The game was located at the HighStreet area instead of Rainforest (the one on red color and not the green one).

Just look at Amirul. HAHAHAHAHA!!! He was so excited you know. 
Macam budak-budak lah you :P

How the place looks like.

The guy damn bodoh lor. All of us were not prepared yet but he took the picture already. My face was a total disaster. hahahaha!!

Teaching Nicole how to hit the ball :P
She looks so happy. lol

You have 3 options to play this game.
1) Buy a token and you'll get 15 balls (not sure about the price per token)
2) Buy 15 minutes (unlimited balls) for RM25 (non-student price) and RM20 (for student price)
2) Buy 30 minutes for RM45 (non student) and RM40 (student price)

All of us took 30 minutes.

I played until my hand blue-black already :(
It was a good experience though.
None of us got home run. hahahaha!!
I managed to hit the balls couple of times *proud*

You can choose the speed of the ball. I took Softball 40MPH only. I tried 50MPH and my hand almost break okay. Damn pain lor T___T

Amirul took the 60MPH and it was so fast and scary!
Imagine the real baseball player who have to handle 120MPH speed.
I salute them.

After the tiring game, we went to Come Buy for a drink.

Once we regained some energy, we headed to the Arcade.

I stalked this guy XD
He was quite pro in drumming :)

Siti Nurhaliza

Then it was shopping time :)
Nicole bought some stuffs in Forever 21.
Amirul bought a formal shirt for Law Night in G2000 and also a neck tie. Kaya nampak yerr :P
And I bought a new perfume for my collection. *hearts*

Then we went to Charms for dinner.
All of us had Lamb Charmer.
Looks delicious. However we have to cook our own food T__T

Lamb Charmer @ RM 19.50

Bought Jumbo size Garrett popcorn before heading back home.

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