Friday, March 2, 2012



Finally the boy was back from his trip :)
We went for lunch in Sushi King and we started talking about our holidays.
Seems like he had a super duper great fun in Thailand. LOL!

I would love to go there and meet the Lady Boys one day :D

Souvenirs from Thailand :)

I've been collecting key chains and magnets from each and every country/continent/state.
So far I only have Korea, London, Holland - Amsterdam, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia and Malaysia magnets/key chains.
Hope to collect more soon :)

Can't wait to start travelling once I'm done with this final semester in 4 months time.
Freedom here I come!
Wait for mummy!

In the evening, I met up with Jess in Old Town.
That's my very first time hanging out with another anak nyonya ;)

Amazingly, we talked as if we have known each other for so long.
Basically we talked about our upcoming jobs in Port Dickson soon.
Seriously I am so excited for this job.
Can't wait to work with Amirul, Jess, Melanie and also my brother.
Hopefully it would be one hella interesting job :)

We have to babysit primary school students.

I had this chicken chop which comes along with chocolate drink for the price of RM 10.90 only.
Unfortunately, the amount of chicken was very very tiny -_____-
I felt exploited.

Thanks for the treat babe :)

Both of us went for some shopping and we managed to buy a lovely dress for ourselves.
I bought a cute red dress for a little change of style.
I don't usually wear striking colors such as red because it doesn't suit my tan skin.
But the dress is so cute and hard to resist.

We are having our second date next Monday. Can't wait for it.



Spending our sunny afternoon in Coffee Bean while calculating money.
The reason why we ended up in Law course instead of any other courses that deals with Maths.
Our maths really sucks to the core.
Despite getting A1 in SPM, I totally forgot everything and the worst part was that, even the basics also kantoi already. lol.

I feel so sad for myself :(

How irony. Wearing Starbucks shirt but ended up in Coffee Bean. hehehehe. Unintentionally.



Went to laminate this leaf as remembrance for our very first sweet valentine dinner in River Grill.
Truth to be told, that was our very first time celebrating Valentines together despite being so closed for almost 3 years plus.

I envy those couples who have an anniversary date.
As for us we don't have any because we just don't know how and when we get together. lol.
The only thing I'm certain about was when he first became my slave :)
That was like 4 years back.

The status of a slave was then being upgraded as my driver and later on becoming my boyfriend. Hmmm....
That's part of our love story though. *shy*

Went to D' Tandoori AGAIN for dinner.
The food is by far one of the best Indian food that you can find around Melaka.

After dinner, headed to Starbucks for a drink.
Finally I decided to apply for the card. I didn't know that the card was FREE.
All I need to do was to top up RM20 minimum and the card is all good to be yours.
At first I thought I need to top up at least RM100 in order to get the card for free. Seems like it was a mistake.

Mark had Valencia Macchiato (left) and I had Dark Mocha Frap again. The Valencia Macchiato is seriously nice. The topping was filled with creamy milk and caramel. Caramel is my favorite!
However the drink was quite bitter. For those who loves bitter drinks, then this would be perfect.

My Coffee Bean and Starbucks card :)

Decided to wear my formal-looking-dress. Love this dress so much. Just that it looks too formal for a normal outing.

I'm so happy that my hair is longer now. Miss my long hair. I am not going to cut short anymore. It makes me chubbier T_____________T


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