Monday, March 5, 2012

A step forward.

Done with my Muet test.
Shall blog about it next week, right after i received all the pictures.
Anyway the test was pretty hard.
I just can't believe that I'm having some difficulties in answering an English paper.
Like what the heck man. Seriously? English??
Right after they changed the format, it seems like it's getting tougher to score a higher band.

Putting that aside (wait for next week's post on it).


Had been staying at home for the whole day on Sunday (yesterday).
Which was a good thing because for the past 2 weeks of holidays, I've been going out every freaking day.
Going out equals to pocket dry :(
If only my money can have sex and reproduce in my purse everyday, wouldn't that be great.

Basically what I did was sleeping.
Woke up at 12pm and continue my nap from 4pm to 9pm. Worst than a pig..
Watched my Taiwan Drama at night and started camwhoring out of nowhere lol.

So happy that my hair is growing. Miss my long hair so much.
My mum said I look better with short hair. She said my long hair very ugly. Looked so old-fashioned T____T


Woke up at 7.30am today just because my parents asked me to join them for breakfast. Had 3 hours of sleep only :(

Went to a nearby shop around my housing area for breakfast. Had a red bean pau and iced milo.
Then we went to Mydin for some shopping.
Bought 2 bars of cadburry chocolates and some other stuffs <3

Around 10am plus we ate for second round again at a mamak shop in Mydin. The food there is good :)

The plate was super huge wei! I love their fried squids. It is so juicy and fresh. The picture above consist of nasi briani, a piece of fried chicken, a hard boiled egg and some cucumbers with onions. It cost RM 8.80 per plate. Quite affordable I guess. It's delicious too.

Wanted to sleep when I got back home but my time was packed with hot chicks to entertain.
Had a date with 2 hot babes in the afternoon. So once I got back home, I managed to surf the net for awhile and started preparing for the outing <3

We watched This Means War.
It is a comedy slash romantic movie with a mixture of some action pack.
The actors are so damn freaking hot that it will make you drool bebeh~
I am so in love with guys who dressed fully in suit. It just makes you wanna rape them :P
And the other actor with his British accent is so sexy especially when he started to speak.

Both of them are actually a spy. They back each other up in every mission. However shit happens, that was when both of them fell in love with the same girl. From friends to frenemy :P

For further details, go watch it yourself :)
It's worth the money. We only paid RM6 for it. Thanks to our student card. lol
I am gonna make full use of the student card before I graduate.

First time hanging out with Carynn :)

Second time with Jesslyn ;)

Bought myself a black belt to match with my new cute little red dress.
Then we headed to Friends Cafe for dinner.

My Passion Fruit Tea @ RM 5.90

Carynn's Fish Ficatta Pasta @ RM 17.90

Both of us ordered the same dish which was Chicken Chop Rice @ RM 8.90

It's quite delicious despite the plain looking outlook.

The boss even gave us Triple Shot for dessert and the best part was that it was for FREE!!!
This dessert cost RM 8.90 okay. And we got it for free.
Maybe we are so cute kot sampai dapat free desserts. LOL *muka tebal*

If everyday get free food kan syok? hahaha!

Overall I had a great time today. We should go food hunting again next time :)
It was go great to know you girls. Should hang out more often.

By the way, results are coming out tomorrow. I'm having a bad feeling about this.
Hopefully everything will goes well.
*prays hard*

Till then.
Good night peeps.
I'm off to bed.


Anonymous said...

if 3 guys the only thing free is the burger challenge..if can finish it la

ruby said...

LOL!!! Burger challenge is on Wednesday right? Plus it's bloody RM50 man! lol

Anonymous said...

yup..if fail just stay back and work there for 3.50 per hour..

ruby said...

hahaha work for 10 hours also not enough to pay for the meal.

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