Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Blue

Once again, it's Monday. The day where almost each and every one of us hates most.
I'm entering week 3 for the final semester already. (yes fml for countdown-ing every week)

Basically my schedule was hectic every single day.
As for today, Danny came down Melaka all the way from Sibu just to meet us. Awwww how sweet.
The real reason was not to meet us actually. It was for his interview in Kuala Lumpur to start his chambering.
All the best okay future lawyer :)

Stay prosperous :D


Ayam Penyet ;)


Jonker with the babes and Brendan last Friday.

We chat so much that night. We talked about how cats make love, and all the way to tech gadgets and also involves the acid thrower dude. We talked so much that night without realizing the actual time. I still love the animals sex life stories :D
The most exciting topic that night. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Okay a bit psycho.

Bought this eyelashes for the upcoming law night. Kinda dramatic. I hope it will make my tiny eyes slightly bigger T______________T


Went to town to hang out with old budies.
Amirul was working in Dataran emcee-ing for the HIV organization last Saturday.
He called me to visit him just to get free condoms since they were giving out free condoms -____-
So being the nice lovely friend, I went to look for him coz he damn kesian wei. So lonely. He has nothing to do except staring and sucking a basket full of condoms.

So what he did was....
He grabbed a large amount of condoms and flashing it towards my friends and I.
Having this type of friend really makes your pride gone.
Saham jatuh mendadak terus. No market wei.

Then he came looking for us in Starbucks. Again doing the same thing with the condoms. LOL!
Flashing around as if his dad owns the damn Franchise.

Thanks to him, we have some props to camwhore with.
So in the end, Kenny took the whole thing back home.
Do make full use of it okay Kenny!
You can sell it to your friends when they are on an emergency call.
Make sure to sell it slightly higher than the usual market price.


I can't believe I am willing to drive all the way to MMU on a lovely Sunday.
Sigh :(
Plus I overslept that day :x
Promised Nicole that I'll meet her at 1.30pm but that was the time I woke up due to her call. Or else God knows what time I'll be awake.

It feels good to make someone to wait for you. Especially when it comes to Nicole Lee!

We went Mori for a drink. Can't believe that we sat there and chat for almost 3 hours.
So that's how I spend my Sunday.

Would like to end my post with Nicole's prettiest picture ever!!
By far the prettiest picture I've ever seen.
Look like some...... (fill in the blank yourself)

The Ultimate Goddess looks.

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