Friday, March 9, 2012

Part Time Job.

I'm done packing for my 2 Days 1 Night part time job in Port Dickson which is in few hours time.
Basically I'll be one of the trainer for an Interactive Workshop whereby we as trainers need to guide the primary, yes PRIMARY school kids in order for them to embrace lifelong learning and also to develop their values and set skills and competencies. All these are to ensure that they will be fully prepared to adjust themselves in the working industry in the future.

However according to Amirul, this job is more like a BABYSITTING job.. hahahaha!!!
Hopefully he won't kill any of those kids.

Hopefully those kids won't bring me any trouble.
Oh well, I've seen primary school kids with satanic attitude. There's nothing I can't handle *pffft*
I've seen kids who fought each other as if they were in a boxing match. Just that in their situation, they used plastic chairs and pencils to throw each other -______-

Seriously, I'm not afraid if they hurt each other. I'm more worried if the chair or pencil hit me instead. hahahahaah!!!

Bag pack :)

Lately I'm facing the what-the-fuck-moment whereby I'm so obsessed in getting a number of part time jobs.
Had no other choice. I need more money to support my daily expenses which are getting higher each and every day.

I've spoiled myself for over enjoying despite the fact that I don't get a single cent from my parents as pocket money! You tell me how the hell to live la?

Anyway I managed to pull it through though.
*proud of myself*

Okay, Ive been surfing for a job in asiaparttime and I found this post.


Looking for a PR.
And oh boy... just look at the salary. RM180-RM200 per day without including the commission and tips leh....

Plus it's only 5 working hours only.
It's a very good deal. However, I bet you'll be molested in the process of working. LOL!
Nothing is easy in this world. Everything comes with a price.

You don't even need to have high education for this job.
Let me do the calculation for you.
Let's say after adding commission and tips, you'll get roughly RM250 a night. If you work 5 days a week, you're making RM1250 a week and multiple that by 4 weeks, you'll make RM5000 a month wei.

That is way higher than a fresh lawyer pay I tell you!
I doubt lawyers can get that high even after working 2 to 3 years in a firm. Unless you are super duper talented and hardworking who won lots of big big cases.

Besides that, there are some of my friends who only studied up to Secondary 3 or 5 and now they are earning way higher than those who graduated with a degree. Sometimes, I've been wondering, is it worth the time and effort I've put so much in education which ended up getting myself into a low paid jobs? I have no idea.
I know education is important. But one of the main reason why education is so important to us was because it is to help us to get a good job with good pay no?

So what's the point if your pay is way lower as a University graduate compared to those who had lower education than you?

I'm just blurting out my thoughts. Please do not be influenced by it. I will not be responsible for those who read my blog and started to say 'screw exams and let's go party rocking'.
If you fail, then your parents will be the one to kill you :)

Till then.
Will blog once I get back from my part time job in Port Dickson :)
Adios peeps.
Good night.

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