Saturday, March 3, 2012

Slice of Life

Can't believe that it's already Friday.
One week more to go before facing the lectures, assignments, midterms and finals. Ugh!
Thank God the boy is still in Melaka to accompany me for this holidays.
Actually thanks to our Muet test which made him stayed in Melaka LOL!
Or else you think he'll be so kind and sweet to stay here just to accompany me?
Hah! Jangan harap lah.

We are going to have our Muet test tomorrow morning.
More test again :(
So sick of it.

Today was a very boring Friday.
Went to AEON JUSCO for some window shopping.
Had our dinner in Burger King.

I tried this crispy chicken burger. It's quite spicy.

Hang out in Popular to buy some books, magazines, and also 2B pencils for our Muet test.

Went to the grocery department to buy some snacks :)
Then we headed back to Bukit Beruang's Old Town to meet up with Amirul.

Just look at his face. He was sleeping the whole Friday. What a bummer. No life :P
He was sleeping when we asked him out. Hence the sleepy face in the picture.

I was very tired too. Woke up very early just to help my dad with his work and that's how I spend my Friday. Lack of sleep..
I want my bed!!!!

Snacks I bought today. The money is getting smaller and smaller each day :(
Everything increases but salary still remains the same.
The rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer.
So I hope you people will vote wisely for the next election.
Or else, in few years time, you'll even have to pay tax for the air you are breathing now.

Just like that, it cost me RM40.

Now I understand why most of the girls out there become prostitutes or ended up marrying a rich old man.
It's all for the sake of having a 'luxurious' lifestyle.
Who the hell wants to marry a man who can only afford to feed you instant noodle everyday la?

So to the girls out there. Think twice or thrice or even quadruple times before you say YES to a man's marriage proposal. hehehehehe :P
Marriage is about to make your burden lesser, not making your life more miserable.
hahaha right Mr Rosaidey? ;)

Anyway till then.
Off to bed for now.
Gotta wake up early morning for my exam.
Good night.

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