Thursday, March 29, 2012

Little things that makes my world go round


I have wanted to try out Senju Tei since last semester but unfortunately fate was not with me last semester.
Thankfully, I managed to step my foot into this restaurant on Tuesday :)

It gives the impression that the food would cost super high. Luckily it was affordable.
I am so going to eat here often starting from next week (provided if I have enough money).

Note: Pictures are all taken with my lousy camera. Quality sucks big time.

Pictures of the interior.

We were very very lucky that day because the place was totally empty. So we had the whole place just for the two of us :)

I'm not sure why the place was empty. Maybe other people were having the same thought like what I had in mind before stepping into the restaurant - the price.

The price is affordable. It ranges from RM20 up to RM40 for a normal set meal whereby it cost at least RM8 and above for ala carte sushi which is the appetizer.

The only thing about this restaurant is that, there is no illustrations in the menu. It is only filled with wordings and descriptions of the food.
It is interesting in a way because you will wonder how would the outcome of the food looks like and also not to forget about the taste.

The bad side of that is, what if the food you ordered turned out to be a disappointment? hehehe... I bet you are going to cry. To be safe, maybe you can request for a recommendation by the waiter or waitress. I think they might be able to help you out in deciding what to eat unless you are so confident with what you are ordering.

As for Mark and I, we took quite some time in deciding what to eat.
They have many varieties and I can say that they have at least almost 100 types of varieties to choose from.

Beef Shougayaki and Nasu Dengaku Set @ RM 24.0
(This is very nice. I strongly recommend you to try this. The amount of beef was perfect)

Salmon White Sauce and Kinoko Butter Yaki Set @ RM 25.0
(Omg this is 100 times way better than the salmon set meal from Sushi King. Must try too!!)

I looked like a little girl in this picture *shy*

They charge RM 1.0 for a glass of green tea but it is refillable. 
Besides that, we received a complimentary Green Tea ice cream as dessert.
If I'm not mistaken, it comes together for every set meal order.
Gosh! The green tea ice cream is way nicer than the one in Haagen Dazs. This one is more creamier and Haagen's one is more bitter type. I prefer the former over the latter. 

After lunch, we headed back to Bukit Beruang.
Received a key chain from Mark. I took the crabby key chain because it is the cutest among all 3.

Now my camera looks even cuter with Mr Krabby :D

Had dinner in McD that evening.
It was raining like cats and dogs.
-_____- my flats 'dibanjiri air' and I hope it will not worn out.
Or else it will leave me with no other choice but to buy a new pair of shoes :(  
(from the bottom of the heart wished that the shoes will spoil... hahaha)

I wanted to order the Happy Meal set because they have Sponge Bob toys :(
Then again, I was hungry. If I were to order the Happy Meal set, I would be given a smaller burger with smaller amount of fries and I still have to pay the same amount with the normal chicken burger. So, I skipped my 'cute' will. Shall get that some other time.

Tuesday was pretty hectic. Had class from 10am to 10pm. Fortunately there's a gap in between.

We had a replacement class at 8pm. With such nice cold weather, none of us seems to fully concentrate in what the lecturer has to say in front. The room was freaking cold as well. I literally feel like dying in there.

That night, Dr Myint came into our class to read out loud the letter replied by Prof. Ronald Dworkin (a philosopher) regarding for the Gigantic Birthday Card which we posted to him last semester.
Awww so cute. He took all the effort just to inform us the contents of the letter :)

Besides that, we were given a piece of form to choose the best award according to the categories given below to elect the winner for each categories for the upcoming Law Night event this Saturday.

I was shocked to see that my name was in it.
Under Best Personality Student (Female).

After our class ends, we went to Old Town to meet up with Danny since he came to Melaka for a short trip.
He has graduated last semester. We lacked of one 'kaki lepak' already.

Since he was only going to be in Melaka for couple of days, we decided to spend some time with him.
Even Ying-Le sacrifice her studying time to hang out with Danny despite the fact that she is having her Labour Law midterm the following day. lol.

I received another gift that day. Thanks Darling for the cute Koala bear and also the mini boomerang all the way from Australia :D
I love it so much....



Class from 10am to 10pm again :(
How I wish this misery end soon.
I had lacked of sleep for a couples of days. Every time when I got back home, I was so reluctant to sleep because I did not get to check my facebook and twitter account. Need to at least get some updates before I slept. Eventually, I spend at least 3 to 4 hours in front of my laptop before heading to bed. FML.

Then I'll face some difficulties of getting up early the next day.

Went to the Mamak shop for breakfast. Had roti canai with Milo ice only.
Then we talked about an hour there gossiping about future jobs and also our current life.
The life of being a student. Tak habis-habis bergossip dua puluh empat jam sehari.

Then, we headed to Nandos.
The guys had their lunch there.
Nicole and I were still full at that moment so we decided to skip lunch (kononnya nak skip lunch)

All of the guys were so tired and hence we drove back to Bukit Beruang and the guys went back home sleeping since we have another 3 hours of break before our next class. So Nicole and I went to the Snooker Arena located below Ixora apartment for a pool game. Both of us had not touched the 'stick' for God knows how long.

I am proud to say that I won :D
We played 3 rounds only. The silly girl started to feel depressed and annoyed when she couldn't win.
She was the one who kept saying 'It is just a game'. But when she lost, she wanna emo over there pula. And kept saying that fate is not with her.
What the fuck does fate got to do with this la?
Ehhh.... aku lempang sekali karang baru tau. lol.

While playing half way, I started to shiver due to hunger. Tu la... tadi berlagak tak mau makan, wanna diet konon. Ended up we ate something which was even worst. Damn oily to the max!!

We went to Lovely Ice Cafe for lunch at 3pm.
Both of us ordered Tom Yam noodles and Mee Hoon.
Oh boy! The amount of oil used was so freaking massive. Just look at the picture below.
No doubt it taste very good and super spicy at the same time. I was crying while eating.

After our late lunch, we went back to campus for our 4pm class.
I was given a very important task for that lecture.
It is my lovely coursemate's birthday. So I was inserted into part of the plan.
The cake carrier. I was so nervous okay! What if I stumbled half way while walking and the whole cake dropped on the floor. Then how? Die!

Plus Tharshini managed to make a deal with our lecturer to insert a slide full of the birthday girl's picture in his microsoft power point lecture notes.

Thanks to Nicole for helping me preparing the cake or else I might ended up eating the cake in the room due to nervous-ness hahahaha!!!

Birthday Girl @ Myra

The slides with her pictures all over it ;)

The look in her face was priceless. She was totally shocked and speechless. hehehehe!!
So I can say that the surprise was a big success.
Happy Birthday once again babe :)

Received a small token from Fikry this time. A cute strawberry magnet from Cameron Highlands.
Awww... how I wish to receive gifts every freaking day. It helps to brighten up my day.
Any kind human out there who are willing to do that for me?


Life seems to be more interesting lately.
I hope you have a wonderful day as I did.

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