Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Too old for MUET.


*overdue post*

Mark, Amirul, Lynette and I were having our Muet test about 10 days ago. Like seriously? At this age?
I know we were procrastinating for quite sometime already. Most of my friends took MUET when they were in Foundation or in the First year of LLB. The four of us are the HERO MALAYSIA for taking it on our final year.

Anyway, I did not do any preparations at all for the test. How hard can it be la right? It is ENGLISH for God's sake. Who the heck needs to study for that la?
After coming out from the exam hall. I was wrong. WE DO NEED TO STUDY FOR IT T________________T
Because it was freaking tough!!!!
Well to be precise, it's not that tough la. Just that you need a lot of time to read the stupid bloody articles. The articles dah la so bloody long.

Overall I have no confidence in scoring this damn test.

I told Lynette a stupid joke after the test, saying that who knows we will pass our law subjects (at that time mmu haven't release the results) but ended up failing the stupid Muet instead. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!
People cannot graduate because they didn't pass the course, but in our case, cannot graduate coz fail Muet. *choi choi choi*
If that really happens, I will go commit suicide.

Please la God. If I can't graduate pun at least make me can't graduate for a cool reason la. Don't la make me can't graduate coz of Muet. So lame to tell people such thing okay.

Hopefully no such thing will happen to me.
I am so gonna graduate ON TIME baby!

Money money money~~
Here I come :P
Wait for MAMA!!!!

So that day, right after our test, the three of us excluding Lynette (who went back home straight since she was sleepy) went to McD for lunch.

We went to the Arcade after buying our movie tickets.
The guys were having so much fun.
They played the basketball thingy, the bike challenge and gun shooting.
I did not join them because I don't want to waste money on such things.
Spend it on clothes are way better :P

There was a group of chinese kids playing this game too. I was looking at them because they are really good wei. They scored like 300 plus you know!! Mark and Amirul only scored like 90 to 120. So when the guys noticed that I was looking at them, guess what? They started to show off. WTF!!!!!
They took the ball and stand at least few meters away just to shoot the ball and show me how cool they are. LOLOLOL!!!
I can't stop laughing deep inside of me.

After they did that, they will look at me to check out whether I actually looked at their 'cool skills'.
What is this la?
If handsome then I might give you that *omgomgomg why is he so good looking and so skillful and mouth drooling stares* but then muka like satu baboon like that. Ishhh!!!!
Not to downgrade them or what la. But please la! Just bloody play that thing can or not? Why need to show off to me la. hahahaha!!! I won't fall for such thing lor. Unless like I said, if you are good looking :P
lol. Okay I know I'm biased.

But if you put T.O.P from BigBang over their place. I can GUARANTEE you that I'll fall in love. Even if he shoots the ball and it does not even enter the goal. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! I seriously can't stop laughing at the picture above.

Well, the reason why his face was like that was because his gun was not functioning at all. So Amirul got so frustrated and sad. And he feels like shooting himself with that machine gun.
However, luckily he got a refund for it.

Then they played Ghost Squad.
This time they have a longer guns.

After Arcade we headed for Archery.
Gosh!! They do enjoy to the max that day.

This was Amirul's first time trying Archery.
To be honest, he did pretty good as first timers.

This was Mark's end result. WOW! That was pretty good one. Several bullseye :)
You do have some talents in sports which was unexpected. I thought the only thing you are good at is EATING!

Below is Amirul's end result.
Pretty good right for first timer.

I am thankful to the girl who works in the Archery for allowing us to enter inside just to camwhore.
I don't think such act is allowed but oh well, when it comes to photography and Ruby, everything seems possible.

After Archery we went for our movie.
My second time ever watching Malay Movie. And it was GOOD!!!
We watched Adnan Sempit 2.
I did not watch the part one before tough.
However part 2 was so hilarious.
They kept calling one another as papa and mama. FYI they are just couples. It's disgustingly funny in a way. And I love disgusting words :D

You should watch it. I strongly recommend you.

After movie, went for a drink at Green Apple.
By far this Royal Milk Tea from Green Apple is my favorite compared to other Franchise.

Had dinner in one of the chicken rice shop in Dataran before heading back home.
Each and every one of us were so tired and sleepy at the end of the day.
Overall we had a great fun.

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