Thursday, March 22, 2012

Little Miss Sunshine

Can't believe that it is already the second week of new semester.
Roughly 6 to 7 weeks more to go :X

I don't feel like leaving MMU now..
How how how??
Thinking about working life seriously creeps the shit out of me.

Can I just find a prince charming and get married and live happily ever after without having to work and at the same time living in a super luxurious life? :D
Dream on Ruby. Life ain't a Fairy Tale like Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Cinderella and also Beauty and the Beast.

Oh yea, by the way I bet most of you did not know that all the fairy tales above are not as wonderful as it seems because Walt Disney actually modified the story from the originals. HAHAHAHA!!!

First of all, as for Sleeping Beauty, the original story was that it isn't the kiss of a prince that wakes her up. Instead she was being raped by a king when she was asleep and she got pregnant throughout the 9 months while sleeping!! By the time she wakes up, she finds that she was raped and also a mother of 2 children. 
haha dafuq?

Next for Snow White, in the Albanian version she was actually gang raped by the dwarfs rather than being saved by them from the evil witch. Walt Disney changed some of the story so that it will have a happy ending.
Tipu the girls feeling lor T______________T

Meaning to say, there is no such thing as happy ending la now?
I emo :(

There's another one, remember Little Mermaid? The one that we know was that Ariel managed to transform into a human just to marry the prince right? The actual story was that, the prince got married to another princess and she was left alone with despairs and she jumps into the sea and dies by turning into a froth.


Enough with sad stories. So sorry if I have just ruined your Fairy Tale Stories.


I was being greedy.
I know I was supposed to look after my diet but but but..... screw it!

So I ordered a plate of chicken curry rice, a basket of garlic bread, chocolate enriched and also coffee lava ice cream for dessert. That's what I had for lunch.
Yau kui (greedy) nak mampos!



Fetched KM to Melaka Central to send him off.
We are going to miss you KM.
Make sure you chamber in Melaka all right. You are one of my bully victim :D

After sending Mr Parkinson to the central, we headed to Jusco for dinner :D
Had dinner in SeeU steambot.

All four of us took Tom Yam soup and it was so spicy to the max. I literally feel like crying while eating at the same time.

After dinner, Nicole wanted to chill in Starbucks because she said she wants to be healthier by adding more fats :P
Just kidding.

I love this picture so much. I look so petite in here whereas you look gigantic here Nicole :P
Oh but the good thing is that, your boobs looks extra big in here :D

After that Nicole and Fikry went for Karaoke session while Mark have to send me back to MMU because I'm having a meeting with the others for the Graduation Magazine thingy.

After we were done with the editing, it was almost 10.30pm already :(
Then Ying Le was hungry, so we ended up in Old Town again.
I don't know why but I don't really like to hang out in Old Town. hmm...

 Don't Look At Me.
Look At My Boobs Will Do.

My exhausted face.

We talked about kinky stuffs that night and laughed like mad. Amirul kept talking about his testicles :P
I am so gonna miss all of you once we graduate (sorry for raising this graduating topic all the time).



Got something from Korea :D
Thanks a lot!!!

 This chocolate is quite nice.


 Green Tea Chocolate. So cute hor?

Facial Mask which cost RM100 for 8 pieces.

Thank you so much once again :)

Had dinner in Mori with Mark.
The boy accompanied me for dinner despite the fact that he just got back from dinner with others.
hehehehe *hearts*

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