Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hugs and Kisses

Just got back from Jonker couple of hours ago.
Brought my silly cousin there because she wanted to buy earrings.
tsk tsk!!

Since she's going back KL tomorrow, therefore I'm just being kind enough (I'm a good, great and loving cousin) to bring her there :P

 Currently, she is so obsessed with these earrings.

We had Asam Laksa for dinner since Erin was craving for it badly.

I ordered some sushi as side dish.
Anyway I feel that I'm getting fatter :(
How la??
Law Night is just around the corner. Die lorrr!!

Continue with some shopping after dinner.
We bought Little Miss tees :)

My earrings 

Kasut Terompah or known as Clog shoes.

Back in the olden days, you can find many cina ah pek wearing those to the coffee shops.
My dad bought it so that we can wear it to the toilet =.=
What the....


Ate this few days back in Jusco food court.
It looks pretty ugly right.
Luckily the taste was edible hahaha.
However, Mark said it smells like as if it was spoiled.
They should improve the outlook of the food so that it will look more convincing for us to eat it.
A friend of mine thought it was a home-cooked food when I posted the picture in Facebook.
This really shows that the food looks so unprofessional.
Besides the outlook, it was so damn oily as well. I thought it was supposed to be a healthy food T____T

It defeats my main purpose of eating that in the first place. #FML


Had dinner in Sushi King last wednesday together with Nicole Lee.
Since her boy is not around Melaka this semester, so she got no other choice but to hang out with us :P
Welcome back as the lamp post babe :)

Mark and I felt so lonely without your 'lights' for the the past few months.
Our world were darker without you :(
I'm glad you're back with us. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Went to Starbucks for some heart to heart talk.
One thing I love about the boy is that he is open to talk with you on ANY TOPICS and he's a good listener too.

Anyway, have any one of you tried Caramel Frap with Java Chips? Oh my God!!! It's freaking delicious okay!
Mark tried that the other day and we are so in love with it.
You can see from the picture below. The Venti size (the tallest among the 3)
I am so gonna drink that next time.


One fine day, the boy came to me and pass me a packet of HUGS from Hershey and said this to me
"Ehh faster finish it"
So I gave him the "wtf looks"

So I asked him why must I finish it instantly. Want me to become fat is it? So he told me the reason behind it.
I LOL-ed so hard.
Ishh! Never in my life met someone like you Mark! Teruk betul perangai.
He asked me to finish it up a.s.a.p because the damn chocolate is about to expire next month. HAHAHAHAHAH!!!
Where got people treat their love one like that la T_____________________T
I EMO!!!!!!!

I can't believe he bought the whole packet but ate so little only and he kept it in his refrigerator for one whole bloody semester!!! Grrr!!

I thought you are so kind, asking me to eat it with love.
This is unacceptable.
Worst BF ever :(

Hugs your head la!

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