Friday, December 31, 2010

Time goes tick tock

It's New Year Eve.
I'm not gonna post an overall review for my 2010 coz I seriously can't remember.
I need to check up and dig all my 2010 albums to actually recall what I've did for the past 12 months.

However I can assure you that I'm having a very good year with ups and downs of course.
I'm hoping to look forward a better year.

Like I've said, this month was a tough month for most of the couples out there.
I've seen many break ups among my group of friends in just one month time.
So my advice is stay put and let time heal you. Trust me everything will be okay. I've been in this position too and I know how hard it could be. But hey, look at me now. I'm feeling way happier than I was before.
If I can feel that, I bet you can too :)

As the time goes by, we are getting older as well. Plus I'm going to have my legal attachment starting from 28th of February. I hope everything goes well.

I'll stop now. I'll post about my early celebrations with my fellow friends yesterday night. It was a blast and of course entertaining. Miss all of you :)
And for those who missed out the gathering, well it's really unfortunate because you really missed out the fun. Nevertheless have a good 2010.

I'm going out for a countdown. Till then people.

Happy 2011 New Year. 

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