Saturday, January 1, 2011

Pre-New Year Celebration

2 days before New Year, there's a gathering held among my old school friends. Of course it was a mixed and match gathering, some of them were not even my old school friends. hahaha. However we all knew each other pretty well.

We went to Station 1 to celebrate it.
Before that I was shocked to think that they were making a gathering at Station 3 (a club) I die die thought it was Station 3. hahahaha
So i was like.... ehh why the fuck you wanna make in Station 3 la? It's not a good place to gather... Mana tau it was a cafe. Buat malu je. hahahahahaha

We reached there about 8.05pm and all of us were starving to death T___T

Most of them had this Maryland chicken for dinner

My baba chicken rendang something something.... can't remember the name. RM 13.90

Please guess whose hairy leg was this? hahahahaha.
Orange color sumore. OHMAIGAWD!

A DIY rabbit keychain. For those who are interested, you can place an order. It's rm3.50 each
( I was forced to promote this by my friend T____T )

But it's cute right?

After that we headed to Jetty for some POOOOOOLLLL bebeh :D

It was full house T___________________________T
And it was Thursday. Why la so many people? Ish! Not say public holiday also la.

Picture quality ain't that good. Lotsa grains all over T___________________________T

I was wearing my 3.5inch new high heels that night and right after that, I seriously felt that my feet was paralyzed. Pain to the max. I've been wearing that for about 6 hours. Aihhh.... moral of the story, in order to look good it always comes with a price to pay.

Overall it was a great outing. Especially the all girls pool match. hahahaha Our table was the only table where all hot chicks playing pool. LOL!
It was funny because many talented skills were shown that night. Someone even have the talent to do jump ball every single time. hahahaah I wonder who is that. Super geng hor Mei Liang? hahahahahaha :P

Then a friend of mine by the name of Xin Yi, she told me how to use the stick coz she forgot. Then I told her lor. Mana tau after that, direct hit 2 balls straight in. hahahaha wtf? Pro like mad. Pura-pura noob. hahahahaha

Anyway we enjoyed so much because of the talented skills shown by each and every one of us. Flying ball la, buy 1 free 1 ball and etc. All those are self-made-term by ME. muahahahaha XD

We went back at 1am because I was super sleepy. Conclusion is that I'm having fun :)

I'll blog about my New Year Eve countdown later. Waiting for Nicole to send me all the pictures from her camera first.

Till then.

Happy 2011 Fockers 


Ash said...

hahaha Yat's hair grew long ad and helook so damn blur. XD
btw cute rabbit u think can post here? lol

ruby said...

hahahaha he wasn't prepared when i took his picture. then he emo-ed LOL!!!
he always looked blur in pictures one. tak pernah satu pun look good. LOL

yeah... if u want maybe can order from my friend then ask her to pass to yat weng?

Ash said...

hahaha he NEVER looks good in pictures. hahahahah

can ar? I wan one it looks shoooo cute. XD
I want the green one. XD

Btw Happy new year. lol

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