Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It's busy time again yoh girl~

No more new year countdown.
Back to reality where life is full with obstacles especially when you are this step closer in getting broke even when you just got money in like less than 2 weeks?

I've heard there's this one saying in Bahasa Malaysia before. But I'm not sure whether I'm the one created it or not la. Teeehhheee :D

It goes like that

Duit tarak tapi style mesti ada

heh. I think someone used that saying before.

Here's some of our vendors located in Main Hall

We have this Gold Goh and Stage make up products and also a free make up :)
Besides that we have T&G hair products, Handmade soaps and bags which smells very nice.

The handmade soap with teddy bear cost RM18 while the one in the box cost RM15. Those who are interested please visit us in Main Hall. We will only be there until 6th of January 2011.

Next, we also have supplements for those who wants to build their muscles. So far I only know the price for Lipo 6 which is RM180 while Lipo 6 Black is RM190.

Then we also have skin care products. They are having a free skin check up. For those who are interested to know about their skin condition, do visit us in Main Hall.

Lastly, in Plaza Siswah we are having sandwiches, wall's ice cream and also cocktails for sale. Do visit us okay. We will be there until this Thursday. Please don't miss out the chance to support us.

Right now MMU Clc Concourse is fully decorated with Chinese New Year atmosphere.
It's quite a nice sight you know :)

As for today, even though it was only 3 hours of selling ice creams but I have no freaking idea why the hell I feel super exhausted.

That's me scooping ice cream for a customer. hehehehehe. 
Hot sunny day where I sweat like mad and ice cream also melt super fast.

All right. I shall stop now. Wanna continue watching my anime. Toodles :)

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