Sunday, January 16, 2011

Run as far as you can

Finally I'm done with all the fund raising projects for the law night.
The event is just around the corner. It will be held this coming Friday, 21st January.
For those who are interested to go, do inform me as we still have some empty seats.
The ticket is RM75 per person.


What I did the whole week.

Bought these new flavor twisties. So far not bad. But i still prefer the chicken flavor.
There goes my diet plan for the law night.
I'm growing fatter T____________________T
Oh crapz!

The thickest assignment ever in my 4 years life of studying in MMU. The instructions are

1. Font size 12
2. Times New Roman
3. Maximum 20 pages

It is supposed to be 20 pages long only. However after adding all the appendix, it eventually becomes roughly about 100 pages long. I doubt my beloved lecturer has enough time to read it all. Oh well... however by far this is the most creative assignment ever.

Some of my course mates even decorated their assignment just like their folio (back in Secondary 3 time) where we have to decorate our Kemahiran Hidup folio. Ahhh it sure brings back memories. hehe


Thursday was the last day for IT Law II. I had a mixed feelings of happiness and sadness. I'm happy that all of us are moving forward and at the same time I'm sad to know that all of us only have 1 and half years left before we departed ways. (provided only if we pass every freaking exam la) hahahaha!

Actually we only have another 1 year more since next sem each and every one of us are going our own separate ways to do our legal attachment. Some of us are doing in melaka while some all across peninsular and also in Sabah and Sarawak. So we can only meet up on June. Looks like we really have to enjoy to the max this remaining one year :(

Thinking of it makes me feel sad and happy at the same time. wtf!

After my tutorial at 4pm that day, Mark, Nicole and I headed to town to get Mark's custom made outfit for the law night. hehehehe.... *ehem*

Then we went for some shopping :)
And we settled down in Kenny Rogers again for dinner.
I had the same meal as the one I had during the new year eve countdown.

Mark choose this baked potato. heh. It's not advisable for those who have a big tummy because this meal seriously won't be able to fulfill your lust. HAHAHAHAHA!

Soon after, we headed back to campus because Nicole and I have to attend for a meeting at 8pm.

Camwhoring in the toilet. My fingernails being raped by Nicole. Somehow i think it's pretty cool no? hahahahahahahahahaha......
By the way I still leave my fingers that way. I'm too lazy to wash it off.
No wonder many people kept staring on my fingers when I was doing some shopping.

I know my fingers are sexy XD

SS-ing in the so-called-haunted-toilet. booohooo!!!


I stayed at home the whole Friday because my bank account gets flatter each and every single freaking day :(
So I watched anime the whole day o.O
Best thing ever to do when you are broke. teehee :D


Saturday afternoon, I drove to New Jusco to meet up with the girl friends after my work.

It was raining at that time and it was super hard for me to look for a parking. I saw many teenage girls dressing in mini short trousers. Hmmm I can't stop myself but to chuckled.
Most of them were doing their Chinese New Year shopping I guess.

That day, I was wearing my wedges that I bought from Momoe. God damn it! It hurts so badly that I got blisters on my poor tiny little toe. I've got no other choices but to get a new pair of shoes O.O

So, basically yes I spend 'wisely' this time. I bought a pair of flats from NOSE.

My heart do ache knowing the fact that I just bought 3 pairs of shoes within a month. So these make it the fourth pair.

The lust and temptation to shop is getting uncontrollable. I seriously need to stop this T_______T

However, since I'm talking about shoes. Why not just let me show you all the shoes I bought eh? hahahaha
*showing off wtf*

I think I have a complete set of shoes right? I bought a sneakers, flats, heels and also a wedges. How perfect is that. All I need now is a pair of boots. hahaha but of course that is not necessary since Malaysia weather hot like hell.

For now, I don't plan to get anymore shoes. Perhaps gonna get a new one next month? O.O
hahahaha okay just kidding.
Mark is going to kill me if he reads this post.
Don't be angry okay syg. I will save money just for you~
In your dreams of course :)
Mampos lo!

Right after meeting up with the girls, I drove to town to meet up with Marky boo! Went McD for dinner. Then went for some shopping again :D
I bought a checkered dress. There goes my money again :(
However, it is worth it la since someone said I looked good in the dress :D

Then we went for a movie at 8.30pm. We watched this stupid movie by the name of Season of the Witch. My goodness. This movie is like the second version of Drag me to hell.
Waste my money. I didn't know it's a mixture of a little bit of horror (the part where the witches transformed) ewww geli

After movie we went to Old Town for a drink. Then we walked all the way to Jonker that night. The weather was super good. It was cold and chilly. I seriously love the weather. That's because the rain had just subsided not long ago. Hence the chilly cold weather. Walking all the way there with the stupid slave do sounds kind of romantic right? hahahahahahaha!

Well I asked him to piggy ride me there because due to the blisters I got previously from the wedges. However, as you all know. He's rather hopeless ya know? So ended up bazir my air liur je.

By the time I got back home, my whole feet were full with blisters T___________________T
So called getting a new shoes. Not worth it at all since it only worsen my blisters.

Oh well. At least I got a new pair of shoes. hah!

ps: all pictures are original. was too lazy to photoshop or edit the colors.

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