Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Last Minute Decision

It was about 10pm+ when I decided to tag along with Mark and Stanley's gang for a day trip to Kuala Lumpur the next day (which is on Sunday).

Normally this kinda thing won't happen to me cause my dad will 100% disagree and disallow me to go. Somehow he was in a good mood that day. hahahaha *lucky*

So after knowing that I'm going to KL *excited*
I went to bed at 11.30pm and woke up at 5.30am the next day. That's because they said that they are going to depart at 8am. So I need at least 1 and half hours to prepare. Girls! You know la. Shampoo hair also need 30 minutes liao.

I departed from home around 7.20am and jeng jeng jeng~
Stanley and the gang woke up at 8am.
Bloody hellllllllllllllllllll

Still can laugh over there. Slap them die.

We headed to McD at 8.30am for breakfast. So we started departing from ayer keroh tol at 9.20am and reached One Utama about 11am.

There were 8 of us in total. Mark, Amirul, Nicole, Kin Ming, Danny, Stanley, Brendan and I.

Stanley bought some clothes from Pull and Bear.
Most of them only shop for branded clothes. I felt inferior shopping with them. Their shopping is by far worst than girls lor I tell you!!!

Stanley went into Pull and Bear first, then I went to Forever 21 and I managed to get a blouse there, meanwhile he was still not ready yet. So we have to wait for him at least about 20-30 minutes. hahahaha!
You think you are a shopping queen? Wait till you shop with Stanley, then only you know who is the queen!

That's us camwhoring while waiting for the shopping KING!

Around 12pm+ all of us were starving. We couldn't made up our mind on where to eat cause every single one has different suggestions and none of us agreed with one another, so ended up we ate in Pizza Hut. Ughh yea... out of all places, why Pizza when you can eat them in Melaka also right? But never mind la. Since everyone agreed.

Before that we passed by the famous STICKY shop. Madness lor. Damn freaking crazy packed with people.
We wanted to get one but then I was too lazy to carry it since we are going to walk the whole day.

In the afternoon about 4pm, we went to Starbucks for tea time since every one of us were tired as hell.
After that we headed to IKEA at 6pm.

Time for dinner.
I just have to try the meatballs since Nicole said it is the best meatballs ever!

 Damn nice cake. I don't know what's it called :(

The meatballs. RM 14 for 15 pieces. Cheap!

Then we had another round of Starbucks in the Curve.

Had a great and tiring day trip.

On our way back home, my ears were being raped by Brendon's stereo system. They blast the music super loud lor. Madness! But its fun in a way la. Feel like you are in the clubbing. hahaha. free clubbing :D

I got back home almost 1am. Slept like a pig until 12pm+ the next day. hehehehe

We should do this kind of trip again next time :)

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