Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Last Shining Star

The weather has been awful lately. Rain no stop 24/7 and causes flood in certain areas all around Malaysia. Thank God my place wasn't affected or else I'm gonna emo and cry for the whole month.

I'm not having a productive revision at all. NOT AT ALL. With the holiday mood plus the cold weather, it makes me wanna roll myself up in my comfortable blanket.

It started raining since yesterday morning in Melaka. Ignoring the rain, I still decided to go out with Mark for a movie. We met up around 1pm+ in town and amazingly the shopping malls were almost completely empty. We were shocked at first. It was Saturday for goodness sake. How could it be empty? Especially it's going to be a festive season soon. I was expecting teens and adults rushing here and there to get their last minute purchase for the new year. I guess people nowadays are kiasu :P
Bought everything early of the year liao. To avoid human jam. hahahaha.

Then we went to get our movie tickets. The movie that we watched was called Shaolin. Omg the movie was fantastic. I actually cried twice you know. FML!
Stupid Mark asked me whether I'm crying is it. And i answered confidently "NO LA"
hahahahaha. Okay I lied to you Mark. I did shed a few drops of tears la during the movie T.T

A must watch movie!!!! I wanna watch Green Hornet next. Who wants to accompany me? Mark? Another round? hehehehe

While waiting for our 2.20pm movie, we went for some light snack (kononnya light).

 Mark's Banana Baked Cheese cake

My Black Forest Cheese cake

After movie we went to SOYAH for a drink. The drinks there are made from pure fruit juice without any sugar nor water. Means they won't add any water in the juice and also no sugar. Very healthy also :)

While waiting for our drinks, I asked Mark to act cute but this was the outcome. hahahahahaha!



Mark had Papaya Digest. I reckon you not to order that because not nice. I hate papaya so the taste sucks for me :P
For those papaya lovers, maybe it might taste good for you kot?

I had Mango Yogurt. The taste was 10 times better than Mark's la of course. hahahaha :P
We sat there for about an hour. The rain just couldn't stop that day. haiz

After that we went for some window shopping. I restrained myself from buying anything. I am proud of myself. *big wide smile*
*actually most of the time i was being dragged or pulled by mark whenever I started entering any clothes or shoes shop*
sad can die. Not say he willing to sponsor or buy for me la. HMPH!
hahahaha :P

About 7.30pm, we went to Melaka Raya for dinner since there's nothing to eat in MP and DP. We wanted to have Sushi King but it was full house that night. Hence we went for an American dinning.

The food was good :)

 Garlic bread RM 3.50 very nice :)

Clam Chowder soup RM 4.90 (also super nice. I love this soup so much.)

 Chicken d gordon RM 17.50 (very nice)

Texas Chicken RM 15.5 (not that bad)

Banana Split RM 10.9

I was freezing to death lor. Dah la hujan + aircond in the restaurant + eating ice cream. Fuck! I can die that night.

After dinner, we went to Harper for a drink. It is a nice place to chill la. Damn romantic :)
When we were there, there's a man who proposed to a girl there. OMG damn romantic can!

Our soaked looking picture. We walked under the rain sumore okay. Exam stress, sampai otak pun jadi biul. We walked about 500 meters far under the rainy day to reach Harper. hahahahaha. Nice experience :)

I had Lover's Potion Mocktail. The drink was so damn good. Super sweet. hahaha no wonder it's called as lover's potion. Love is sweet what. Well of course sweet at the beginning only la. Towards the end bitter like dunno what shit. hahahahaha :P

 I stalked the 4 ang moh sitting outside there. Wow they are super hawt I tell you! hahahahaaha.
The weather was freaking chilly outside. So we decided to sit inside.

Town was super jam. Finally you can see many people in town. hahaha. That's more like it. We were stucked in the Hatten Square's parking lot for more than half an hour I think. hmmmm

Over all it was a great outing to release exam stress :D


Ash said...

hahaha so romantic-nye the couple that propose ther. :D

ruby said...

haha yeap damn romantic :D

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