Thursday, February 3, 2011

Baby Bunny


I would love to wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year. May you be rich in health and wealth.

It's the first day of CNY and why the hell am I blogging right now? Well it's simple. Because there's no place for me to visit :(
Both my paternal and maternal grandparents are no longer in this world. Therefore not much gathering. A bit sad la. However the good news is that in my housing area was super noisy yesterday midnight. It was filled with the sound of the fire crackers for about 20 to 30 minutes non stop. Ahhh I love the feeling.

Yesterday was our family reunion. So of course we would have a reunion dinner. But we don't go any fancy restaurant for dinner. We had ours in my maternal grandparent's place. The feeling is way nicer than having a dinner in a classy or any fancy restaurant. However we lack other family members (especially those from Singapore). I miss you Sharon, Sylvia and Haydenz T____T

We played Jenga the whole night and the rest played poker. Typical chinese game during CNY. hehe
Owh and another typical game would be the MAHJONG!

LOL! I love the hat. So kawaii ;)

Anyway, adults don't really enjoy CNY as much as kids do because most probably

1. have to spend money to give people red packets
2. won't be able to get any red packets and if they do, the amount would be little.
3. as we grow up, the amount will be decreasing (case in point, myself) emo die.

By the way, finals in 4 days time. FML to the max!


Went out with the slave 2 days back.
Had dinner in Station One. I seriously love their food.

After that we went for a walk by the smelly river O_O
haha still got time to relax when finals are just around the corner. Gone case liao. LOL!
I can seriously die now.

The weather was fantastic at first but later on it rained. awww. what a bummer!

Till then.


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