Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Monday Pink

I felt so bored for the past few days.
Though it's just a week break but I don't seem to spend it wisely.
I've been listening to this song from the moment I woke up until the time I went back to bed.

There's like 950k viewers and I think I contributed about 50k times? HAHAHA!
That's how crazy I was. I'm listening to this song while I am typing this entry now.

Anyway most of the people I knew went for a trip to Singapore during this break. I think got more than 10 friends lor. *jealous*

Anyway I'm obsessed with fragrance nowadays. Starting from today onwards I'm going to have a collection of perfumes. Going to get new perfume every single month if possible. hahahahahaha wtf!
Okay that one a bit too much la.

I just bought myself 2 new perfumes :)
Since I don't have any good camera to take the actual picture of it, hence I'll just upload the picture which I stole from the internet.


The first version of Paris Hilton's fragrance which was released in the year 2004. It has the scent of apple and juicy peach which makes it so feminine.

Most importantly it is in pink :D

My next baby is Guess, Marciano.


I love their packaging. Of course it will be pink :P
It has to be. hahaha okay just kidding.
The smell is seducing ;)
It is not too strong and it also contains the peachy smell :)

In my personal opinion, any female fragrance that contains peach will ended up having a sweet scent which is my favorite. Even my old perfume BOUM by Jeanne Arthes is made from peach :D
Peach is love.

I'm planning to get Coco Mademoiselle Chanel, Versace Bright Crystal and Nina Ricci next :)

Sorry for the boring post. I'll stop now. Toodles.


g_pentium said...

opt chanel always the best.if can buy hugo boss 4 me huh.hehe
state the price of the perfumes lar,for readers convineance.

ruby said...

haha yea. i plan to get that first :)
i just like nina ricci and versace coz the bottle/packaging damn nice la T_____T

LOL! Hugo Boss mahal. RM350. U want me get u that? Crazy or wat. hahaha

g_pentium said...

get the one with the nice smell ler..dnt be fooled by the cover,lol

yalar,hugo boss.comes with some package what.can share mah.

i think u start blog on perfume lar..better.less perfume blog out there.who knaw suddenly u become like michelle phan.instead chanel perfume wil sponsor u to promote their brand 2 d masses

ruby said...

hahaha aiyo... start blogging about perfumes, means i need to buy many perfumes then oni can blog about it ler.

hahaha broke lah me like that. LOL

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