Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bubble Bubble

Finally after 3 days rotting at home, I decided to shop alone.
Went to new Jusco to get myself some formal clothes. Legal attachment is just few days away.
Gotta wake up as early as 6.30am and start working at 8.30pm to 5.30pm.
Gosh. Just like schooling time.

Gonna have this new routine for the next 3 months.
I hope I can survive this.

Anyway Jusco was pretty empty. I spent my time in the bookstore. I'm trying my best to restraint myself from spending money unnecessarily. So I only bought 2 pairs of formal shirt and a belt.

Had bread and pink guava juice for dinner :(

After that I drove all the way down town to meet up with John. We played pool in Dataran Pahlawan. It's a new pool/snooker spot.

The place is superbly nice. No doubt about that. Same goes for the price. My God!

The prices range from day and time. So mine was RM19.50 an hour. We played for an hour+ and cost us RM25. Bloody hell O_O

In Jetty only RM15 per hour. The shooters (located in the isolated-scary-possible-place-kena-rape-spot) cost RM10 ONLY for 2 effing hours! But sadly they closed down that place. I love to go there ignoring the fact that it looks dangerous and can kena rape any time, any moment. But I always go there with a bunch of trusted people. hehehe. So that they can protect me :D

After pool. Went to meet with Lyn, Jr and Afiq in Old Town.
Lepak for awhile and then went back home.

Aihh gonna miss everyone ;(

Okay it's almost 4am now. I should stop now. toodles

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